Electric Forest 2012: Day Three

Continued from Electric Forest 2012 – Day Two

Photo by Matt Urban


Hailing from Oakland, CA this three-piece all-female electro-rap group kicked off an afternoon of sex and glamour on the “Check Yo Poneytail” Tripolee stage. Halfway through their set, the sassy ladies grew bored with the distance between them and their audience, so they hopped off the stage and performed flush with the GA fence. Their “I don’t give a shit attitude”, raunchy dance moves, and crowd engagement drew everyone eight steps closer setting the stage for a rowdy, energetic close to their late afternoon set.

Photos by C-Style Photography

Dumptruck Butterlips

Photo byTobin Voggesser

“Accidental” sets are always fun, especially when they end up to be something you really enjoy. An early arrival to The Forest Stage set me up for the last three songs by Dumptruck Butterlips, a band that my initial pre-festival research had led me to overlook. I’m always partial to bands and artists on the come-up who jump ship on the VIP boat and camp for the weekend like the rest of us. Dumptruck Butterlips looked like they had spent the night in the forest and come straight to their set from deep inside the woods earlier that morning- leadning me to accept their music and vibes as authentically organic and genuine.The mix of bluegrass and folk rock moved Dumptruck Butterlips’ vast assemblage of fans (both old and new) and proved to yet again successfully kick start the day from deep within the woods.


Photo by C-Style Photography

This electronic duo from Denver, CO won the Electric Forest Mixcloud Contest and the privilege to perform a 30-minute set on The Forest Stage. The pair of DJ’s got off to a shaky start with an accidental track restart early on that killed the vibes they were building, but recovered not long after as the set shifted into a run of dirty hip hop beats drenched in summer energy. Look for an interview next week to find out which member of Prymativ is from Indianapolis, how the duo started playing out with their music, and what life is like as a performing artist camping in the campgrounds as an average Electric Forest resident.


Photo by Ben Slayter

Despite a 20-minute late start, Santigold’s digestible electro-pop tunes made a nice transition into the evening. Santigold’s fashion sense takes a close second to her musical abilities and I was pleased to count multiple costume changes throughout her hour-long performance. Based on her wardrobe, it’s safe to assume that this fashion-forward fashionista loves large, well-defined shoulders.

The first half of the set favored tracks from Santi’s first album , while the second half showcased more from her new, tribal-like album. Her dancers added sensual effect to the show- always complimenting, yet never distracting from, the leading lady through dance steps and mischievous stares at the audience.

Big Freedia

Big Freedia’s set was the closest thing I could imagine to finding a strip club at a music festival. Backed by two female and one male dancer, Big Freedia’s performance consisted of irresistible Miami bass beats from the DJ, outlandish MCing from her own mouth, and more booty popping than the last southern rap video you watched.

One segment called a handful of guests to the stage to measure their butt-shaking skills up against Freedia’s dancers. A member from HOTTUB joined two other girls on stage to bend over and twerk it, exposing more than just her cheeks as she bent over to bounce her booty for the audience. Big Freedia even took her turn shaking it for the audience on more than once occasion

If their goal was to get sexy and be dirty, The Check Yo Poneytail Stage delivered exactly that experience as it rolled through the nine-hour schedule of curated artists throughout the day.

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