Electric Forest 2012: Day Three (the woods)

Continued from Electric Forest: Day Three

Photo by C-Style Photography.

Saturday night at Electric Forest was the night I dedicated to wandering the woods with my camp crew. The unplanned excursion exploring the depths of Sherwood Forest landed me in the neighborhood of the dark, hidden Forest Stage for a surprise set by Grizmatik (a hybrid of sax up-and-comer Griz and soulful electro producer Gramatik) with special guest saxophonist Dominic Lalli, one half of live electronic duo Big Gigantic (who sat in on so many performances throught the weekend I lost count). From there, I strolled through the other half of the forest where it was better-lit and more inviting than the wompy, strobe-laden stage.

Photo by Tobin Voggesser

Electric Forest organizers do a great job at erecting rooms and places in the woods that feel like dwellings one can enter into, but in reality are nothing more than free-standing staircases and half-assembled corners with no walls attached to them. There was one legit structure, however, called The SolLun, that was entirely enclosed, save the swinging doors on the front allowing a few laser beams and bass lines to escape into the wilderness. What looked like an exclusive gathering inside was actually an open-invite, incredibly bizarre house party throwing down in the middle of the woods.

Photos by Tobin Voggesser

The opposite end of the SolLun entrance looked like a space capsule had crashed into it, but it was really just an enclosed DJ stage. A tiny purple-haired producer named WALA was serving up bassey, invigorating tunes that kept bodies moving and grooving. I spoke with her next day for a one-on-one interview in the press lounge where we talked about her friendship with Mojostock headliner ill.Gates, how she graduated from playing dives to performing on a beach with FreQ Nasty in less than a year, and performing (and surviving!) Burning Man.

Read my interview with WALA.

Photo by C-Style Photography

Panoramic photos of The SolLun:

The SolLun entrance: http://www.pixeet.com/iframe/BINFAEBI

Inside The SolLun: http://www.pixeet.com/iframe/EXBRNQ1Y

Outside The SolLun: http://www.pixeet.com/iframe/N5MQINKJ

Videos of The SolLun during the day

WALA throws down at The SolLun in the middle of the night