El Ten Eleven Lands at The Hi-Fi

ETE - 12.14.13 - EL REY - DEBI DEL GRANDE - LA RECORD 1Instrumental virtuosos El Ten Eleven are gearing up for IndyMojo’s first sponsored show at the Hi-Fi this Friday, July 25. The LA-based duo showcase an impressive live set that portrays the beauty of manual looping. While many performers these days rely on the click of a mouse to layer their sounds, these guys insist on keeping their loops fresh and live.

Comprised of double-neck bassist and guitarist, Kristian Dunn, and drummer, Tim Fogarty, this indie rock set seamlessly blends a style that is both harmonic and electronic. Despite their lack of lyrics, they succeed at making music that is easily approached and readily admired. They shared some words with IndyMojo regarding this leg of their tour that brings them to Indy’s newest favorite spot, The Hi-Fi, in Fountain Square.ETE - EL REY STAGE PANORAMIC - LO RES - PHOTO BY MARK OWENS

MOJO: The band is on the way up to the Wicker Park Music Festival, have you guys been on the festival circuit much this year?

ETE: No, we’re actually taking a little time off from our normal touring schedule to work on our next record. There’s a festival coming up in the UK at the end of August, and then we’re doing Decibel Fest in Seattle. We are headlining V Elements Fest in San Diego, but we really are trying to take time off to focus on preparing to write and record new music for the next album.

MOJO: This leg of the tour you will be testing some new material, so are you planning to play new songs exclusively?

ETE: No, we’ll play an assortment of songs from all of our records and four new ones.  We tried the new ones recently at the first show of this little tour in Tucson for the first time, and they went over really well. We’re feeling pretty good!

MOJO: Will we get to hear any of your latest EP and maybe some of your crowd favorites?

ETE: Yep!

MOJO: What’s the most challenging aspect of looping all your instrumentals live during the show?

ETE: Timing. We don’t use click tracks, so we have to be very accurate. With the new songs it’s particularly difficult because they are more complex.ETE - 12.14.13 - EL REY - DEBI DEL GRANDE - LA RECORD 2

MOJO: What do you find most rewarding about creating all your music live rather than just pre-programming it?

ETE: Simply knowing that we did it. We don’t just get onstage and press the space-bar on a laptop. It is a LIVE show.

MOJO: Is there anything extra special the crowd can expect from you at The HI-FI?                                                                            

ETE: El Ten Eleven shows ARE extra special!  No one else does what we do!

El Ten Eleven

The Pass, Kodak To Graph

Fri, July 25, 2014

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm


$12.00 Tickets HERE