Drunken whispers and lost from where you thought

When the body and the mind give in…..the soul and energy take over.

I love when my mind is so over influenced that it finally becomes clear. I usually paint in these random moments of euphoria…..I out of character feel the need to speak out.

Make a message clear and available to many more subconsciousness than normal.


FYI to all those people who really don’t know me….its ok.

I have a signature personality…..that’s why I’m usually liked, rarely disliked unless not truly known.

I hold no grudges…

really life is way to short to hate and be unhappy, so if u had ever thought that i did not like u, or whatever life may had produced….. just know that it does not have my rule on u as a person

let me speak from another world…..

images of broken light that dance before me like a million eyes they call me across the universe

lol yeah ok so i am very random and full of thoughts that spew out like a broken pipe…..

not a weak link but one who will not keep all the pressure for the system. eventually all things have their breaking point…

not sure if I’m broken……

maybe just full and needed purging of emotions and thoughts and everything else this world has tested my existence with.

“will u ever win…..

She rings like bells n the night and wouldn’t u love to love her……

have you ever seen a woman so taken by the wind?…….Taken by the sky…..”

_Stevie nicks/Fleetwood Mac

Goodness, so much said little to understand….

guess that’s life….

People have floated….no wait Souls have swam in and out of my life, and there are a few that deserve a chapter or two in my “book of life”……

I love real people sadly they are a dying breed.

I always have been some what of a loner…..very few get the 100% of my person.

They truly are the real.

they accepted with out judgment…..

that’s hard to do.

Mostly with things this world have convinced u r wrong…..

colors that you shine should be your best….

I find new things to learn everyday…..feeling torn between what i want to believe and what is accepted with our short minded society…

Midwest complex

human nature is to fear…..

mostly of change…..

I will be the change, I am ready to change…….

Be something so much more….

dreams that people envy and tear to pieces in front of me…..

its ok I’m used to it.

“Doubt me hate me, u r the inspiration that i need”