Drive Thru Insight

So, it was Friday night and I was on the couch watching Reality TV. I’ve become quite the homebody since entering this new phase of my life. Quite a change from the bartending lifestyle. Haven’t decided if I like it or not yet..get back to me on that.

So anyway..there I was watching some I Love New York. (Season 2 Premiere..tonight!!). And I had a craving.. a BIG craving for some White Castle. Now, I’ve been doing soooo good lately on eating healthy and taking care of myself. In fact, I’ve lost 25 lbs! Almost down to the size I was in high school! *pat on the back* But for some reason, I had the Harold and Kumar fever and had to make a run for it.

So I head down Emerson Avenue thinking about my tasty little burgers. I approach the drive thru window and was pleasantly surprised to hear a friendly voice come through the speaker. It’s a rarity these days to hear anything but rudeness and disdain when patroning anything fast food related. I placed my order and headed to the window. A really nice woman handed me my drink and told me it would be just a minute on my food. (I had ordered a chicken sandwich without cheese..cheese=yuck).

As I was waiting she handed me a little lottery ticket to scratch off and see if I won anything free. I scratched. I lost. She coyly handed me another one saying “I’m only supposed to give out one..but go ahead and take another. I’ve never seen someone lose twice!”. Well, ma’am…you’ve never encountered someone with my luck I thought to myself.

I scratched. I lost.

She looked at me with surprise. I smiled and told her, “That’s just my luck!”

Then she said something to me that I know I’ll carry with me forever. So simple, but so true. She smiled at me and said “I hear ya, honey. I swear, if I was starving to death and it was raining soup, I’d be standing somewhere with a fork.”

I looked at her and just laughed. How true is that?

She handed me my food along with another ticket. I scratched. I lost.

“Did you win anything??” she asked.

“I sure did,” I said. “But, I think I’m going to wait and use this one the next time I come through!”

I didn’t have the heart to tell her the truth.