Dream a Little Dream With Me

Some of you may believe in the significance of dreams, and others of you may think nothing of your dreams or not even remember them. I am a person who absolutely believes in the significance of dreams. I believe that our dreams tell a story all their own. A story of our lives that we may not be entirely aware of, and it is our job to either find out what that significance is or ignore it. I choose to dismiss most of them, but there are some that stay with me and that I take very seriously.
I had a dream that I died. Now, this was not a lucid dream, one that I know I am dreaming. This was a very real dream. This was the kind of dream that you absolutely believe is happening and have no control whatsoever.
In my dream, I was leaving a store in the middle of a beautiful sunny day. There was no one around really, no extra cars in the parking lot, no people around…it was just me and the sun. Only it wasn’t just me. I was looking down at the pavement and saw the shadow of a person approaching behind me. Upon looking more closely at the shadow, I saw just in time the shadowy figure of a gun pointed in my direction. The assailant fired the gun directly into my neck, piercing my carotid artery. I knew that I was dying. I was lying there on the hot pavement alone now. Alone and dying. I was thinking very few thoughts, as opposed to the usual “life flashing before your eyes” idea of death. I was looking up at the sun and wanting more than anything to call my mom one last time to tell her how much I loved her. And I was thinking, Dear God, please let there be a heaven…And yet, I was at peace. I was at peace knowing that it was my time to go.
I didn’t have flashbacks of all of the wonderful memories I shared with friends and family. I didn’t want to call 911. I didn’t want to fight. I just knew it was time…
Many people may see this as very morbid. I, on the other hand, see an absolute positive in it. I don’t see this as literal as some people would. I see this dream as my overcoming some major pains I have gone through in the past years…and my ability to move forward. The blood that was shed is gone. It’s over, and I have been reborn. My very short prayer in my last moments of my life (in the dream) is a sign of my restored faith in God, which I have been struggling with for the past several years for many different reasons. And my wanting to call my mom is symbollic of the strength of our relationship, even in death. She is the one person who I count on for everything.
I’m ready. I’m ready to move on with my life, serve a higher purpose and become all that I can be and thensome. I almost feel like the dream inspired me to live in a way that if I died today, the people I love would know…the tasks I was supposed to accomplish would be complete…and I would be at peace.