Downtown is going nuts – here comes the NFL Kickoff

So I headed downtown early this morning…yes, on Labor Day…and I pull up to the circle and see that the place is going crazy with people setting up stages, trucking in equipment and plastering the buildings around the circle with advertisements.

“Holy crap”, I thought, “This is starting to feel like a real city!”

I know that sounds kinda bad, but I think that that it’s exciting as hell. It’s the same feeling that I had when the Final Four came into town and the city was buzzing with stuff going on everywhere. I love it when Indy is the center of attention and we can show the rest of this nation what we’re all about. But…that’s just me.

Anyways, all of the action got me so excited that I decided to throw together a Mojo Minute that wil hopefully get you all as pumped up as I am for this concert of all concerts that is coming to Indy this Thursday. Check out the video below or here on YouTube and if you haven’t got your tickets yet that get you up in the best seats in the house for the show, click here to do that, too.