Do’s & Dont’s While Traveling in Europe

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When in Wherever…

DO ask foreign travel companions to do an American accent. Not just because it’s funny, but because what they say inevitably reveals some stereotype about Americans. Like that we’re all from Texas or frequent Sizzler Steakhouses.

DON’T wear a baseball cap. Seriously. As well as it disguises disheveled hair or covers your face from the rain, Europeans just don’t do it – you might as well be wearing a fanny pack on your head.

DO pack a pashmina or light scarf. Not just to keep warmer and cover a double chin, but to dress a casual outfit up or dressy outfit down.

DON’T doubt the veracity of the voltage listed on the hotel’s bathroom outlet, or you could end up getting dressed in the dark because you blew the fuse. Hypothetically.

DO add an extra five minutes per inch of wet hair when you are trying to blow dry in Europe. Even at maximum strength, it is about on par with having someone breathe on your head.

DON’T try to do as the locals do by eating while walking. Not only does it require multitasking, but teetering on cobblestones is already hazardous to one’s health.

DO keep small change or good friends on you at all times in case you have to pay to use the bathroom.

DON’T expect any toilet or shower to be the same. Flushers aren’t attached to the toilets, so if you can’t find it just press whatever is discolored and/or protruding from the wall. That’s usually it.

DON’T believe that no one in Paris wears jeans. They do – they just happen to be dark and cost as much as my monthly car payment.

DO carry individually wrapped Wet Naps, lest you find yourself in yet another bathroom stall with no toilet paper.

DON’T wear white running shoes. Colored track shoes, yes. Ditto that on flip flops.

DO pack every charger, transfer wire, battery and adaptor you have. It still won’t be a fail-safe against having to buy a FunCam because your digital is dead.

DON’T forget to write down what you did immediately after you did it. On a trip where each destination is more spectacular than the previous, the beautiful specifics start to blend together.

DO bring a lap top so you can organize, save and back up pictures as you go.

DON’T be afraid to throw your belongings down on empty seats when you’re taking a red eye flight to ensure you can sleep lying down, otherwise you’ll end up sitting perfectly upright watching “Bride Wars.