Don't Miss: Ghostland Observatory at IMS

This Saturday, two-piece electro-rock band Ghostland Observatory will headline festivities at IMS After Dark on the city’s west side. The event is the nocturnal counterpart to the Red Bull Indianapolis GP and will feature live music from a variety of bands and performers at The Speedway Friday and Saturday night.

Below, an excerpt from my brief, but beautifully visual, Ghostland experience at Wakarusa Music Festival earlier this summer:

Ghostland Observatory’s light show was better than most I saw all weekend. Striking beams of light combed the sky with lasers that rotated through the gamut of color. The effects were awe-inspiring and easily one of the most talked about visual performances at Wakarusa. Ghostland Observatory’s electro punk duo is especially unique, combining the pair’s attraction to electronic beats with a love and respect for rock’n’roll. With vocals reminiscent of The Kills, space-age productions paralleling Daft Punk, and a magnetic eccentricity akin to David Bowie, a GLO performance is an experience unparalleled to any other live electronic band out there.

I promised myself I’d not miss the opportunity to see a full set if they ever came to an accessible venue in the Midwest, but I never expected Ghostland to touchdown in Indianapolis… let alone smack-dab in the middle of racing’s most famous track.

In addition to the evening’s concerts, purchase of a $20 ticket on Saturday ($15 if you’re a student with ID) also includes admission to nearly five hours of on-track motorcycle racing during the day. Acoustic pop/freestyle artist Kelley James will perform at 6:30, followed by hip hop and mash-up DJ Mick Boogie. Ghostland will take stage at 9.

Check out the Red Bull Indianapolis GP website for answers to all your questions and stay up-to-date throughout the weekend via Facebook.