Don't let laziness be your disease!

Sometimes there are times when you just have to vent and let things out! That is what I am going to do now. I am not a guy who likes to keep things in or not say what is on my mind. That in itself is something that bothers me….not saying what is on my mind. I think people get a very direct perspective of what I am about and in the end have some sort of respect for me…..or on the other hand can think of some choice words to call me. Either way, it is the way I am and it will not change.

One of the things that drives me nuts is watching people take for granted what they have. I see people get lazy all the time because they are use to other people being there for them when things go wrong. I know how this is because I have been there myself before and I didn’t like it. Knowing that you always have someone there to clean up your mess, have your back or take care of you when you screw something up is laziness. In these situations I don’t know who is more at fault, the person who is getting lazy or the person who “Enables” them to be lazy. Regardless, it doesn’t benefit that person in the end.

At some point those people need to be able to do things on their own, clean up their own mess, and actually work for what they want. Don’t get me wrong, everyone needs help at some point and help is good, but that is all it should be. It shouldn’t get to the point where they rely only on your help. For instance, if your child wants to go to the movies every week and you give them money to do so every week then all of a sudden you say nope….you have to earn it. What do you think is going to happen? They are going to look at you like you are crazy and say, earn it? How? And because you have always just given them what they want they have not learned how to get it themselves.

The purpose of this was to let out some of the frustrations I have built up inside me. People, understand that no one is going to just give you want you want or need. You have to go out and get it. If you don’t someone else is going too!!! I know I am hungry and I have the determination to get what I want and that will never go away. My passion leads to my success and that passion will always be there for me. So don’t get in my way!