When i think of playing dodgeball i imagine playing on the playground of Jackson Elementary School. i don’t remember being exhausted and sweating profusely at the end of it all. Playing dodgeball for 50 minutes actually is a workout and leaves you extremely sore. But, it is a good time and i recommend it to all. But ow.

So i went from being on Team Ramrod to playing against them on opening night. i had been secretly hoping our teams were in different leagues, but nope. Naturally i told my team to just let them win. i know how sensitive mojo’rs are and didn’t want to make any enemies. It was strange throwing at folks that previously only existed in mojoland. i felt like i knew them and they had no idea. It was nice to confirm that these people on here are actually real. i look forward to a future rematch once i learn how to throw a damn ball.

Why am i sore?
Dodgeball, drinking, white castle, sleeping on the floor. It was a good night. Now it’s time to play some tennis.