Dodgeball Recap: Week 1

You know what, losing pretty much sucks anyway that you look at it, but if you have a man in a woman’s cheerleading uniform doing toe-touches, your friends rocking bowties and a few beers to drink afterwards, it’s amazing how quickly you can pretty much get over it.

We officially had our first Mojo Dodgeball game this past Friday and just like the other times that we play, we had a freakin’ blast. We have got a solid roster this season instead of having like 35 people on the sidelines and although we lost this first game, I think that we’ll end up having a pretty solid season.

…and if not, we’ll definitely have some fun along the way. :)

Be sure to check out some of the pics over here in the Mojo Forums and come on out to our game next Friday to cheer us on/drink with us afterwards!