Dodgeball gets hot….pink?

So I show up for week 2 of Mojo Dodgeball and we’re all getting ready to rock it out. I mean, we lost our first game the week before so we were 0-1 going into the second game and we were ready to show the other team that we are serious about winning and that we mean business. Well, that got a little harder to do once I saw the shirts that we would be wearing the rest of the season.

Were they too small? Nope.

Were they poorly designed? Nope.

Were they uncomfortable to wear. Nope.

The shirts that we would be wearing for the last several weeks of intense competition were none of the above…instead they were a ittle worse. They were pink…HOT pink.

Example A:

Example B:

So anyways, after getting stared at by every team while walking into our game we decided that we actually kinda like the fact that we have such an obnoxious color. I mean, we ARE an obnoxious team, so I guess that we should have a color to match, right?

As the game went on and we were dominating our opponent, we started to enjoy our new hot pinkness more and more and now I don’t think that we would have it any other way. Getting beat by us is one thing, but getting beat by us in hot pink shirts is yah! God bless the pink hotness, we’re now 1-1 and we’re coming after YOU next!

I know that we have a full roster, but we are ALWAYS looking for more cheerleaders so click here to snag some more info on this week’s game and hopefully we’ll see you there!