Do cows eat meat?

So I hurt my back a couple months ago. Didn’t think much of it till I started really hurting to the point of lying on the floor instead of in bed. So I go to the Chiropractor. Not that I trust them any more than I trust the local hypnotist(sorry if you are a hypnotist, I like you anyway), but the pain was bad enough that I was up for anything. Turns out I guess I’ve torn over 50 different spots on my ‘facia’ in the past 2 years. So the ‘doctor’ says that he needs to work these spots out as they’ve developed a pocket of lactic acid in them. Great ok. PAAIIIIN!!?!!?! A ton of it. Deep tissue masages are painful. Especially if they hit spots that are tender. Oh did I mention that the second visit included acupuncture(actually rather painless)?

The best part about it?

I’m on a freaking diet. I’m 6’0, and 175. I run a 6 min mile and can at any time do anywhere between 35-75 pushups and 50-100 situps. My cholesterol is decent and my blood pressure is good. In other words, I’m not a candidate for heart surgery any time soon. But the ‘doc’ wants me to go on this ‘anti-inflammatory’ diet to help reduce the swelling.

A list of items I can’t have:

Hot dogs

yep… pretty much veggies and chicken and fish.

So I have eaten a TON of chicken and lettuce with a vinagrette dressing.

I have NO idea how people sustain any form of life on this diet. I’ve gone from 5000 cal. a day to being constantly hungry and eating a TOn more. oh and I’ve lost 2 inches on my waist.

Fun fun fun fun fun.

Diets SUCK.