DJ Micro Interview

We were extremely honored to snag a little time out of DJ Micro’s hectic schedule for a little interview before he takes over the decks tomorrow, June 10, 2011 at Tru nightclub in Broad Ripple. So pay attention as he reveals an exclusive look into his influences, the journey to magnificence, and where he’s headed next.

Just in case you’re in the dark, or need a recap, DJ Micro is a veteran producer and spin master with an extensive and impressive musical history. Specializing in trance, progressive house, and break beats, Micro worked his way from building up the Long Island electronic scene to being an internationally known icon.

We began the interview discussing past and future influences where he named artist such as David Morales, Todd Terry, Deadmau5, and Armin Van Buuren (just to name a few). Some not so obvious influences came from his youth in the 70s where disco was a family affair.

“Disco was a huge influence on me,” said Micro. “My parents used to go out every Saturday night to boogie on down. In the 80s it turned for me to freestyle, Carlos Berrios, Omar Santana, etc.”

This eventually changed with the witness of a Frankie Bones’ performance in 1991. At a small club in New York called The Dome, Micro was inspired to turn to the electronic circuit.

“That week I went to his record store in Brooklyn, NY called Groove Records.”

Once the change was made, Micro became an influential force in Long Island’s scene. The first change he made was convincing club Reign’s owner to surrender one night a week to “techno.” Shortly after, he opened his own “all-techno” club named Caffeine, where he was the resident DJ. This feat exploded in popularity among party kids all across the U.S., and led to Caffeine’s expansion as a recording label and clothing line.

Later achievements include over 13 CDs produced and re-mixed, over half a million albums sold, a DJ Times nomination for “America’s Best DJ,” and another nomination by Club Music Awards for “Best DJ Set.”

Caffeine 2010 Denver by DJ Micro

Having traveled and played in several cities and countries, it’s certain he would have several stories of chaos. So I asked what one of his most memorable moments was.

“A dude on acid took all his clothes off and was dancing as if nothing was the matter (lol).”

Shifting into current times, the club and clothing line have faded away, but Micro is currently working on the resurrection of the Caffeine recording label. He based his decision on the fact that “the digital age is much more competitive.” His new endeavors include not just exploring new shifts to his own work, but helping up-and-coming talent as well.

When I asked if he had any advice for aspiring talent, he replied, “If you make music, the DJing will come.”

Micro feat. Mezo – King Of Pain Original Mix by DJ Micro

This led into his thoughts on the changes that have taken place over the years as electronic music has shifted from a more underground existence to the mainstream.

“Positively, there are always new people coming in for the experience of electronic music. Negatively, some come for the wrong reasons.”

So whether you’re a veteran or amateur electronic music lover, prepare yourself for a night of nonstop dancing tomorrow night. DJ Micro promises an “edgy” performance sure to prompt a gyrating mob on the dance floor.

Event Info:

Friday, June 10th at Tru Nightclub

Event Page: Click Me!