Dirty Thurzdaze! w/ Track Hound

 Hola! What a week it has been. Soooo much content to post and I get to do it on the new site. This is going to be a learning experience for me so hold tight. I would just like to say first off how honored I am to be able to do this each week. This started as just a fun thing to do with all the time I spend listening to all these tracks. I am glad to see how it influences people the way it does. I want your feedback. Tell me I suck and what I should do different. Tell me the things you like so I know to keep doing them. I want your voice.

The video above is was released yesterday from Buygore. FIGURE’s remix of Borgore’s new track Flex Ft. Shay. The EP is set to release March 5th with remixes from Document One, Coven, and Figure plus an additional track titled “Kiss My Lips”. BIG BIG BIG tings dropping on our heads this week and in the near future. The Beatport office is going to catch fire from all the downloads they are getting. Going to try to hit as many as I can.


Quartus Saul

More Heros EP

Play Me Records

Quartus Saul is the Dubstep Alias of the producer Dennis G. M. He also produces under the names Phlex (Drum’n’bass), Gilbèrt Dupieux (Electro/House) and Lucius Apphia (Experimental/IDM). This is the first major release for Quartus Saul on Play Me Records. This is a powerful blend of Dubstep, Electro house and even Glitch Hop. Covering all the bases on what is sure to blow your mind. Be sure you get your hands on it quick and share it first. I won’t be surprised if Quartus Saul is a name you hear more and more in 2012. 

Quartus Saul – Superheroes VIP (OUT NOW!) by Quartus Saul Quartus Saul – Los Angeles (OUT NOW!) by Quartus Saul 




This release is abosuletly bonkers. Hot Mess representing for that midwest sound. These guys are so crazy they smashed a hole through the stage at Mojostock 2011. I cannot wait to hear this  this month at IndyMojo Present: Enter The Aquarius Featuring Hot Mess. Make sure to pick this up before then so you can hear just what you are in for. Not one track on here I don’t love. 

“NO REQUESTS” EP Preview (Out Jan.31!) by HotMess 




Finally available for purchase are two tracks I have waited a year to own myself.  These tracks were way ahead of their time when we first heard them a year ago on soundcloud. Whether it’s the eletrifying “Overflow” or the pulsing “Lighting” both tracks are a must have. Both of these acts are ones you want to see live.

Antiserum & ill-esha – Overflow (clip) by ill-esha

Antiserum & ill-esha – Lightning (clip) by ill-esha 




This one set me back in my chair. Dublin’s Noisestorm is banging the charts with no mercy right now. With the title track being a intense electro journey and the two being aggressivley dubbed out. Number 2 on Beatport’s Top 5 for Electro House. Check out these tracks.

Noisestorm – Renegade by Noisestorm

Noisestorm – Let It Roar by Noisestorm 


Top Weekly Tracks

Who doesn’t love FREE music!***

You really have no idea how much I truly love these guys. Foxes – Youth (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix) by Adventure Club Dubstep***

Like seriously Cyberoptics is wrecking shit right here. Cyberoptics and D-Jahsta – TX-55 by Cyberoptics

Colossal combo this track screams classic. Burst by 12th Planet ft. Skrillex & Kill The Noise by Dubstep.net***

Minnesota has not disappointed me yet and I am very excited to get to see him live. This track is a great freebie. Download it right now. Demons (Minnesota Remix)(FREE DOWNLOAD) by Minnesota***

One word “Bang-her”! Avicii – Next Levels (TheFatRat Remix) by TheFatRat***


Mixtapes And Sets

Crizzly just dropped new mixtap that has no other description but the work *Crunk*.

Crizzly Presents Crunkstep by Crizzly 

A litttle taste of what you will be hearing at the upcoming *Altered Thurzdaze* Hot Mess is destroying this mix from start to finish.

February 2012 Promo Mix by HotMess 

*Exclusive IndyMojo Mix*

Kyu-bik Presents: Abstract Sessions Vol. 2

“One beard to rule them all”  

Kyu-bik opened up for Ana Sia last week and ripped up a set very close to this one. He has graciously gave us the opportuinty to present it to you first. 

“This mix is inspired by those who inspire me to move forward with something I love so much. 
I put every piece of my heart, soul, and mind into this mix with hopes that maybe it will inspire one of you. 

kyü-bik presents: Abstract Sessions Vol. 2 by kyü-bik 

Kyu-Bik Facebook Fan Page


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