Dirty Mondaze W/ Track Hound

Hello bass junkies! Sorry for the delay this week. Soundcloud took a shit yesterday and I could not do any searching. All is good today and I have brought you 26 tracks to shake your booty to. I have some dope new artwork courtesy of Love Visuals aka Nicholas Love. I included his newest track so make sure you check it out and also check his facebook for his art. So many good tracks this week I got carried away. One of my fav’s is the Doctor P Big Boss trap remix by Afruxx. The Drop Goblin and Far Too Loud EP’s are both stunning. Mix of different genres all around so enjoy!




Since the late 90′s Alexander Azzi, aka “Drop Goblin” has been no stranger to the Electronic Dance Music industry. At the start of his career, he was discovered by Hardcore/Gabber Producer “Rob GEE” at the legendary Limelight in NYC. Throughout the next 6 or so years, Azzi made a successful name in the aggressive dance scene under the name “Atroa”, performing a Live P.A. and releasing vinyl record EP’s as well as infiltrating countless compilation CD’s with his productions. Taking a few years off after becoming bored with the Hardcore/Gabber genres, he soon found himself starting to miss the enjoyment of performing for the crowd and working full time in the studio, so in the beginning of 2011, Azzi decided it was time to make a strong comeback, and “Drop Goblin” was birthed. Focusing primarily on the heavy bass sounds, it was very clear from the start that Drop Goblin was about to make a lasting impression in the EDM industry once more. Being picked up and signed early to Play Me Records, Drop Goblin released his breakthrough “Journey” inspired song “Dubstep, Believe It” and he was again back in the swing of things. Since making his return, Drop Goblin has put together a unique and energetic dual iPad performance, and has continuously been pumping out fresh new bass heavy music on a regular basis, and making his name a familiar sight on the charts.

This newest installment by Drop Goblin shows that you need to keep your eye on this guy! Two excellent tracks right here!




Far Too Loud, a.k.a. Oli Cash, has gained a quite a reputation for hi-tech, dancefloor-destroying music that makes people throw their hands in the air and go crazy. Think high-energy, aggressive funk, big basslines, crazy edits, intricate production and you’ll know the sound. Since the first release, back in 2005, things have gone from strength to strength. Winning “Best Single” at the Breakspoll Awards in 2007 followed later that year by the huge FTL anthem “Play It Loud” which saw a move from breakbeat into big, dirty electro-house grooves, receiving a massive response and remaining a firm crowd-pleaser to this day. More recently, chart smashers like “Megaloud”, “Wake Up LA” and remixes for the likes of Lily Allen and The Crystal Method have confirmed Far Too Loud’s place among the big guns of electro-house. Having toured the world over, Oli is well experienced in delivering both live PA and DJ sets packed with energy. Whether it’s 200 people in a sweaty underground club or 20,000 at an outdoor festival, you can be sure it’s going to go off!


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LoveVisuals is an audible/visual art project started by Nicholas Love, to promote culture and ideas in all areas of the world, one set of ears & eyes at a time.

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