Dirty Mondaze! w/ Track Hound

Hello fellow Bassheads, I have a short blog for you this week. The bass gods have not been so promising recently. I hope I hear something that blows my mind this coming week. What’s new after Trap music? What’s the next big thing? I would like to hear some thoughts from you people on what you think is going to win over the dance floor in the coming months. I love Moombahton and Trap, but we all know it’s a matter of time before something new drops. I’m ready to hear something that breaks the boundaries of norm and still keeps the crowds attention. Got a free Rusko release, some other free tracks, some stuff you should keep an eye on, some stuff to buy now, and a great track from Indy local, LoveVisual.





Rusko has released a new EP that he is giving you for joining his mailing list or a FB post/tweet. Four delicious tracks for you to blow your speakers with. You can listen below or go directly to http://www.ruskoonfire.com/kapow/¬†and pick it up right now. Free Rusko? Who doesn’t want that? Enjoy!

Free Tracks!

Retail Tracks!

Locally Grown!