Did I just get a massage for free???

Hmmmm…so very interesting during my latest spa visit. (Yes, I like to be a girlie girl and spoil myself every now and then…although I am taking applications if a guy would prefer to provide the spoiling…just saying.) Anyway, I had an appointment for a hot stone massage at The Villa Inn downtown last night. If you’ve never had a massage before or even if you’re an old pro, I always recommend the hot stone…soooooo relaxing. Okay, okay…I digress. So, the massage goes off without a hitch and I am way relaxed by the time I’m ready to leave. I go up to the front desk to check out/pay and the guy working behind the counter says to me “oh, this is the credit from last week”. Ummm, what? Granted, I was supposed to have a massage last Thursday, but I called to reschedule it for this week. Now call me crazy, but merely rescheduling a massage should not give you a credit balance on your account, right? So, I stood there for a few minutes still offering to pay and he just kept saying it was a “credit from last week”. Alright, whatever…I’m not going to argue with you. Thus, it appears that I received a 90 minute hot stone massage for free last night! F’ing awesome!!! :)