Did I even have a weekend?!!? :)

So, I finally have a moment to write about the wonderously busy weekend i had!!!

Ok, Take a breath…

here we go!!

Whole most of my favies enjoyed an early wake up call to go to Carb Day, I was forced to actually go to work! :(
We were sample testing at a salon on the west side and i entertained myself with texts!!
After putting in a good 4 or 5 hours i jetted home for a nice nap!
Trucked over to Jay Kizzels for some Walmart excursions. The night was pretty chill with poker and euchre and then a movie to put everyone asleep…everyone that is except me…i decided that the movie was too interesting to sleep and stayed up til well after 5 until it was done! so, i suggest INTO THE WILD!! :)

After some rest…i went home for a bit. got some laundry done, walked the pup, showered and prepared myself for the upcoming day!

My favies and I hit up MayDay 2008 at Verizon Wireless Music Center!

We tailgated and enjoyed (for some) awesome music! The company was awesome and so was watching the concert drunk wonder around setting off and mocking car alarms!! After SEVERAL hours in the sun and and numerous beers later…we were all ready for some grubbage!! Off to Taco Bell we went where we witnessed the MOJO last supper!!

Some food meant bed time…movie was inserted and the snores began!
I made my way home to sleep in a actual bed!! :)

Another early start as we started the cookout at JK’s around 1. After numerous trips out and about we managed to snag a cornhole set to keep us entertained! beer, brats, cornhole, beer pong, friends, and sunshine…couldnt ask for a better Sunday afternoon!!
The whole crew rolled to the vogue in broad ripple to catch my first ever HERE COME THE MUMMIES show…
WORDS can not even describe the amazingly awesomeness that was ensued that evening! the music rocked! the mummies growled! the crowded danced and sang! the atmosphere was just stellar! I had a blast and cant wait to make that a regular show! We got to hang with one of the mummies for a bit after the show and snapped a quick pic!!

Back to JK’s pad we went!

Awe, a much needed extra day off!! breakfast…cleaning…movies…and naps were delightful!! then off to a VERY chill, relaxed, NO Spot :( Mojo Monday Night at Fox & the Hound…

I could say that was the end of my weekend…but, i dont think they ever really end…

Work, home, shower…THE SPOT for Regular’s Appreciation Night where Jingles and I showed some SKILL on the beer pong table before rolling over to Kips to see more mofos…but MAINLY AIMEE!! Home by 2:30 and up for work by 8! eek!

The anniversary of wild wednesday is tonight and should prove to be fun!

Relay for Life Singles Auction is approaching and im nervous as all get out!!

So, i think my weekend will actually end on Friday as i might have a chill weekend with not much going on…but then again i know Saturday brings GIRLS NIGHT!!!!!!!

i need a vacation! :)