Destiny: A Random Poll

Destiny: True or False?

Why? Because I’m curious.

Do you believe in it? Is life just a series of random moments strung together or does your life have a purpose?

I took a random little survey of about 50 people in the last two weeks. Mostly because I was bored, but partly because I was genuinely interested about where the opinions of my friends/acquaintances fell in this instance… I mean, you think you know a person…

Of the 50 people I polled I found that 35 people fell on the NO side of Destiny (aka life is a series of random moments, there is not greater purpose, no greater guiding force beyond that which you yourself control). 10 people fell on the YES side of Destiny (not, let it be noted, ascribing to any one deity or the other, just the belief that we’re more than ping-ponging around in the cosmos) and 5 were so befuddled that I even asked the question (to MY surprise. I think I’m a pretty random gal… no one should be surprised at getting this question from me, really) that they were unable to answer on the spot.

I tried to keep this poll away from as many Mofos as possible, knowing that I didn’t want a lot of duplication in answers… but now I’m curious where the MojoNation falls in this little Poll. So, chime in gang.

Is there a greater purpose to life, love, the pursuit of happines, etc.?

Destiny: yes or no? and Why?