Derby Girls climb over ROCK to win final home bout

Derby Girls climb over ROCK to win final home bout

By Jackie Bauer

Photos by Junior

The Circle City Derby Girls’ Socialites built a commanding lead after a low-scoring start to win over the Rollergirls of Central Kenucky (Lexington, Ky.). After trading lead jammer status and handfuls of points in the first several jams, CCDG etched out a lead they then steadily widened, dominating ROCK for a 114-46 victory to close their home season.

After the night’s first double whistle, Circle City’’s Vivi Section beat Kentucky’s Sugar Shock off the line. But despite a big hit from the Socialites’ Beattie Sedgwick, Sugar got lead and banked 3 points for her team while Vivi struggled in the pack. In the second jam, Socialites’ jammer Roll-R Damage responded with two grand slams. As she lapped the track, Roller-R delivered a love tap to ROCK jammer Bitty Bastr’d, who was trapped behind a wall of green — Ionic Bondage, Spleana Rupture, Trouble Helix and Beattie Sedgwick.

The first half was dominated by scoreless and “hit-it-and-quit-it” jams in which the lead jammer would win 2 or 4 points and call it off to prevent the opposition from scoring. Halfway through the period, Socialites jammer Liberty Spykes stepped up to the line for a full two-minute jam that earned 6 points and a 16-11 lead for her team. Soon after, Roll-R Damage got lead jammer and added 14 points.

As the bout progressed, Circle City blocker Nova Blaze excelled at steering ROCK jammers out of bounds while teammates Beattie Sedgwick and Ionic Bondage drilled holes in the pack for the green jammers. Lady Miss Bier used the art of the “double tap” to keep Lexington’s jammers at bay.

With 11 minutes left in the half, the Socialites began to lock down their lead with a score of 39-13. In the half’s last scoring jam, with each team down two blockers due to penalties, green jammer Liberty Spykes grabbed 12 points while opposing jammer Rascal got tied up by the smooth laterals of Nova Blaze and Ionic Bondage. The halftime score was 54-20, Socialites.

The second half started with a bang when Spleana Rupture toppled two ROCK blockers simultaneously with a powerful hipcheck. Pink jammer Ragdoll Ruby barely beat Liberty Spykes out of the pack and called it off before either could score. The next jam was also a tie — ROCK’s Sugar Shock got lead but Roll-R matched her 3 points. In the third jam of the half, Socialites’ blocker Faye Stunaway battered ROCK jammer Ragdoll Ruby at the back of the pack until a major penalty sent Ruby to the box. Vivi Section took advantage of the power jam to add 7 more points to the Socialites’ growing lead.

In a subsequent jam, CCDG blockers Beattie Sedgwick, Lady Miss Bier and Ionic Bondage formed a wall that stopped ROCK jammer Rascal until a whip from her teammate, Ellie Slay, catapulted her through the pack. Lead jammer Valentine Massacre—who meanwhile was fighting for a fourth point—took a big hit sent her careening into the suicide seats, where she called the jam while trying not to spill fans’ beverages. The Socialites proceeded to get lead jammer status during the next five jams and steadily boost their score.

ROCK’s defenders kept regrouping, however. Blocker Ryder Die managed to hold CCDG jammer Roll-R Damage behind her for an entire lap, until Roll-R broke free and scored 9 points. Vivi Section, Liberty Spykes and Valentine Massacre took turns scoring 4 points for Circle City and calling it off. Vivi interrrupted the pattern when she got sent to the box on a back block after grabbing an easy lead, allowing Sugar Shock to score 3 points during the power jam situation. However, Kimmie S’More, Ionic Bondage and Salacious T kept Sugar tied up until Vivi slipped out of the box to score 4 points before the jam ended. With 13:30 left in the second half, the Socalites still dominated, 94-26.

As the bout neared its close, ROCK injected their jammer pool with some fresh blood. Ellie Slay took a turn on the line for Lexington and, despite some big hits, earned 9 points for her team. Robin Souls also wore the pink panty, along with Ryder Die. In the night’s final jam, Spleana Rupture stepped up to the jammer line for Circle City, but committed a track cut that delivered a power jam opportunity to Rascal, who eked out 2 last points for ROCK. The final score was 114-46, Circle City.

The Socialites will travel to Sioux City, Iowa, for the Rolling Along the River Tournament on October 15-16, and later that month will participate in a co-ed costume bout with the Race City Rebels as part of the Historic Irvington Halloween Festival.

Party Crashers defeat Cornfed Derby Dames at season closer

By Pamplona Pain

Photos by Damage Control

In a nail-biting bout that was up for grabs until the last jam, the Circle City Derby Girls’ Party Crashers won their final bout of the home season against the Cornfed Derby Dames of Muncie, Ind., 109-100.

Both leagues had been anticipating the August 13 rematch at the Forum at Fishers after an unofficial scrimmage had pitted the two against each other earlier this year. Points were earned at an even pace for the first 10 jams as each team’s jammers earned lead status five times each.

But in the 11th jam of the bout, CCDG jammer Jackie Bauer scored 15 points in a single jam. Her blockers executed skillful defense against the Dames’ OCDiva, including a powerful hit by Guiyatine Gretyl. Following that jam, the Party Crashers had a solid lead at 51-27.

As the period progressed, CCDG’s skaters retained their lead, but not without a fight. For five of the next eight jams in the first half, Dames jammers OCDiva, Bruisey Ricardo, and Sonic the Trackhog each had lead jammer status at least once.

CCDG exercised effective defensive strategies, including some impressive wall busting by CCDG pivot Bunnie Low-Browski, along with hard hits and solid walls by her fellow blockers. In the final jam of the first half, CCDG’s Wrecker Becker earned lead jammer, scored 3 points before the halftime buzzer, and brought the score to 69-48, Party Crashers.

Former Indianapolis Junior Roller Derby player Cassie Khaos launched the Party Crashers into the second half when she grabbed 4 points, bringing the score to 73-48 in favor of green. But it was another 15-point run from CCDG’s Jackie Bauer in the second jam that further solidified the Party Crashers’ lead. OCDiva, who’d been awarded lead, watched Jackie score points from the penalty box after only scoring a few herself, bringing the score to 88-51, Party Crashers.

Jackie Bauer aka HauntedFlower

The Dames answered Jackie’s 15 points in the next two jams with 10 points from OCDiva and 5 points from Jane Damage respectively, bringing the score within spitting distance for the Dames at 88-66.

But a few jams later, though neither jammer had lead status, CCDG’s Wrecker Becker scored 15 points while Cornfed’s Jane Damage struggled against impermeable walls. Wrecker’s efforts brought the score to 103-66, Party Crashers.

For the rest of the bout, however, the indefatiguable Dames clawed their way back. Muncie’s jammers earned lead status 10 times in a row, capturing 29 points as they held Circle City to a single point. Their heroic efforts to surmount CCDG’s lead brought the score to a harrowing 104-100, and the audience rose to their feet to see how the final jam would unfold. In a remarkable last jam, CCDG’s Wrecker Becker took lead jammer status, scored 5 points, and called off the jam with no time left on the clock and a final score of 109-100 for the Derby Girls.

The Party Crashers now enter their off-season, though some will participate in the league’s annual co-ed costume bout for the Historic Irvington Halloween Festival.