Deflowered: The Depraved Saga of Losing My MojoStock Virginity


mojostockThey say you never forget your first time…

We’d flirted over the years, MojoStock and I…but we’d never made it come to fruition. There was lots of innocent toying, teasing, and taunting…but we never sealed the deal. Until now. And the second that we finally connected, united…joined together as one; well, no insanely impressive amount of journalistic prowess could ever thoroughly and truly describe the full experience, but I’m going to go ahead and give it a go.

Due to several fiascoes, scandals and skirmishes in my day-to-day life, I was only fortunate enough to attend MojoStock for certain hours throughout the weekend. Though this saddened me immensely, I certainly made the most of my time there. It was above and beyond any and all ridiculously high expectations I’d had as a result of stories I’d heard from those I am close to who have attended and/or been a part of MojoStock since its inception.

Friday evening was already jumping at 7:00 p.m. Upon arrival, my ears perked up at the sound of some beyond-decent old skool hip hop. I followed the sound and was led to Jake Massey, aka DJ Mass Appeal. He was playing an all hip hop/old skool set. This pleased my soul greatly. I heard some Wu-Tang (my personal favorite), Mos Def, L.L. Cool J, maybe even some Sugar Hill Gang or Grand Master Flash. The portion of the set that I watched had both a good energy and a chill vibe. It was definitely the way to start a party off right.

jake massey

DJ Mass Appeal

Ed Trauma

Ed Trauma

My main focus while attending MojoStock was to check out our local acts; some I’d seen before and some I had not yet had the pleasure. I wandered over to the EDM tent to check out one of our fabulous local DJ’s, Ed Trauma, where the stage was massive and awesome. Glowing, light-up tubes of color stretched across the booth and a giant screen behind the stage projected mesmerizing videos. Ed Trauma was totally slaughtering his set and making that stage his bitch. His sound was marked by really hard bass and hella crazy drops, as well as very melodic and beautiful ambient sounds that were soulful and even enchanting (I don’t throw that word out too much, but it is appropriate in this situation). Then unexpectedly, he would smack us with a nasty bass drop and then these crunchy sounds and the “wobwobwobwobwob” it was a very eclectic and diverse set with a crazy-high energy level. One of the many highlights of Ed Trauma’s set was when he sampled, or played a track that sampled, Jay Z’s “Hard Knock Life” and the crowd went crazy.

From there, I headed over to the main stage where Blue Moon Revue was playing. I was beyond enthused to hear them playing “Helter Skelter,” by The Beatles. It’s a very hard song to cover, but they did it superbly and I was quite impressed. Never having seen Blue Moon Review before, the set definitely made me a fan.

I caught part of a tag team set with Ganzarelli and Brian Summers that was strikingly energetic! Ganz was jumping around and very into it, which really got the crowd going. It was a cool thing to see someone so into interacting with their fans and engaging with them while performing. I had seen Ganzarelli on a previous occasion long ago, and this performance made me want to check him out again in the future.
Although I enjoyed all of the performances I saw that night, the high point in the EDM tent was the tag team with Hollow Point and Psynapse. Their set was absolutely explosive. Being the local favorites that they are, they drew what seemed to be the largest crowd I’d seen that night thus far, and it was easy to see why. Their energy level was gigantic. These guys really know what they are doing and you can visibly tell by watching them that they genuinely enjoy doing it. And when you can tell that by watching, it always makes it better. The set was absolutely paramount.

Hollow Point and Psynapse

Hollow Point and Psynapse


Photo courtesy of Matt Ramsey

The next artist I went to see was performing in the Local Tent. Marcus Blac is someone I have wanted to check out for a while now, but unfortunately had to miss his last show. I was really excited about seeing his set, and was absolutely blown away by this performance. This was the performance of the entire night for me. I had no idea what to expect when I walked in there, and I was so pleasantly surprised that I think I smiled nonstop the entire time I was in that tent. First of all, the dude is a boss dresser.  I specifically remember a super-dope, shiny green jacket of which I was incredibly envious. Accompanied by some pimp-ass shades, this guy played so much great stuff that I fell in love with his sound. I didn’t want that set to end. I heard some House, some Nu Disco, and even a House version of “Jungle Boogie” and that was way beyond super-dope. There was dancing, there was “Ride the White Horse” and lots and lots of big smiles; mine of course being the biggest. Marcus Blac doesn’t know it, but he has new dedicated fan. The fact that he’s been playing for I don’t know HOW long, and I’ve been missing out all this time is rather earth crushingly devastating to me!

I walked around from tent to tent to stage for a bit and said goodbye to my friends- some of them old friends and some new friends- and had to get home before I turned to a pumpkin. All observations led me to believe that every single person there was having the absolute time of their lives, and this was really moving to see. I heard stories later about how the rest of the night went and it pained me to know I had to miss it; both the performances on stage, as well as the silly shenanigans that apparently went down in the camp grounds all throughout the night into the morning.

The next day I ecstatically returned to MojoStock just before 5:00 p.m. I stopped by just early enough to catch the very end of NuM3R1K’s set. I had not gotten a chance to see him play, but the little teaser I got at the end of his set definitely fueled my desire to hear more soon. As it became 5:00, I hauled ass straight to the EDM tent because Gizzmo was about to play. If you don’t know Gizzmo or have never caught one of his sets, I strongly urge you to correct this! After a minor technical difficulty at the beginning of the set which ultimately caused Gizzmo to play an all vinyl set (this was obviously my lucky day) he totally fucking rocked everyone’s faces off with some classic jungle masterpieces. gizzmoGizzmo is a performer who not only sounds magnificent, but who also really gets into his sets, which in turn gets the crowd really fired up. Everyone I could see was extremely into what he was laying down. Due to the fact that I am somewhat vertically challenged, and the fact that the booth/stage was raised, I couldn’t see everything that Gizzmo was doing to what I’m guessing was the mixer, as well as the records, but it appeared to be some sort of major surgery that was life-and-death and very involved. I badly wanted to be able to see what all he was doing, but it looked very busy. This pleases me immensely because it is really a phenomenal treat when someone really; I mean REALLY knows how to use a mixer.  One of the highlights of this set for me was looking over to see F12 and just how into the set HE was. It was really inspiring to see a performer move people the way Gizzmo did. This was my favorite performance I was fortunate enough to catch in the EDM tent on Saturday.

Next, I got the pure delight of seeing Wes Clay‘s set at the Local Tent. It’s no secret that Chicago-style wesHouse is my favorite type of electronic music and Wes Clay mixed the most fantastic House tracks; including a brand new one by one of my favorite performers, J Paul Getto, and it was absolute fire! Wes has extremely diverse tastes and it shows in his sets. I heard some Latin influence at one point, and my friend and I had the overwhelming urge to start salsa dancing, which we of course did. Wes Clay is a skilled audio professional by day, so he really truly knows his stuff and it is apparent when he plays. He’s definitely one of my favorite local DJ’s and he brought the heat as always. Wes Clay’s set provided a nice little House oasis in the middle of all of the other types of music going on around us. I would’ve been okay if his set lasted three hours.

Just before I had to leave for the night, I had to check out jFET‘s set. I got to see the beginning and was not let down in any way, shape or form- other than having to leave, of course. jFET is a madman in the booth and always a delight to watch. I was hoping he brought his new megaphone, but I wasn’t there to see. jFET is adored by pretty much everyone around, and even not around central Indiana, so it was no surprise to see that he had drawn a colossal crowd that clearly had all been waiting for his set all weekend.

Sadly, I left MojoStock, knowing it would be a whole year before I got to experience this again. They say you never forget your first time, and I certainly hope that is true, because it pains me to think of not having these amazing memories for a lifetime. I am yearning for next year, when my new found love can ravish and savagely violate me once again in a truly buck wild fashion. I really can’t wait to rage face with you all again next year!

photography by Aaron Lingenfelter of Wide Aperture Images