Defeating the pudge update!

So I previously blogged about defeating the pudge. I have run across some more little tidbits about targeting the belly fat.

TAKING 1-2 TABLESPOONS of appple cider vinegar a day was shown to decrease belly fat in obese subjects. It is suspected that the acetic acid inhibits fat formation.

Eating can help decrease belly fat. Yeah that caught me off guard as well. A recent study showed that women who were put on a strict diet of 1200 calories a day (basically a crash diet) had increased levels of cortisol which increases the amount of body fat stored. Also noted was that obsessive calorie counting or food diaries increased the cortisol levels as well. So don’t stress too much when trying to diet or your will increase the problem instead.

Christmas in July is still going on thourgh the 23rd of July. We are collecting school supply donations for the the IPS school system and in return are providing complimentary exams for any aches, pains, or concerns you may have. Details are in my Christmas in July blog. Please tell your friends and family about this as well so we can reach our goal of doubling the donations from last year. Thanks


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