hey crazy mofo’s


we’re playing dodgeball again. i, frankly, am so excited to play with those red balls again. i had a freaking blast when we played a couple months ago, and we also got a stellar workout.

i have already received an amazing response via hot box and the forum post. this is the deal.

*12 player roster

*keeping 3 as a on-call list (in case we need you)

*if we can get a 2nd team then awesome, if not we NEED you to come cheer on these killas.

*20 dollar cover charge for the season, includes a tee and some beer at the ox after the games.

*games are played at lifetime fitness on friday evenings, game time varies from 7p-10p.

yeah, we are getting close to being full. please let me know if you want to play or want to be one of the 3 subs or WHAT! if not we BETTER see you guys with our number one cheerleader on the sidelines. we’re gonna be a little stricter on the roster so we don’t have a mixed team every week, just to save on the madness for our CCA organizers.

i love dodgeball and so will you.

Stay Tuned for more blog updates and NEWS flashes for our team.