Dance Until the World Ends

There are a lot of recurring events around town (both weekly and monthly) and after much exposure to the event invites, they all kind of start to blur together. Allow me to extract one from the pool and bring it to your attention.

Jackola, a prominent name in Indy’s house music scene, will host the fifth installment of his specially curated monthly series, “Dance Until The World Ends” on Friday. It’s different from other monthlies because rather than creating a repeating dance event for the sake of creating a repeating dance event, he’s focusing on a countdown to the Mayan calendar’s dubious “end of the world”, scheduled to occur on Friday December 21st.

Jackola, a renowned member of Indy’s premier house music collective INHouse, asserts, “The events feature what we consider to be Indy’s best dance music, ranging from world sounds of Kyle Long to drum & bass from Johnny Utah, to house from DJ Deanne, hip-hop from Topspeed and more. We’re really trying to expose the very best in all dance music in Indy, and we have a few surprise out of town guests in the mix as well, such as Compact Disco, who heads here from Chicago in June.”

This month’s show is a milestone in the creatively conceived series: Jamaican-American singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Dorsh takes the pleasure of being the first live act to perform at Dance Until The World Ends. Dorsh and his band will be performing songs from Neopolitan and celebrate his recently released mixtape titled after the ice cream of the same name, “because it’s a whole bunch of different flavors in one package”.

Back 2 Pluto recently raved over Neopolitan:

One minute there’s a heavy reggae track, suddenly transitioning into a drum and bass/electro rap record, then some chillwave into smooth jazz. ALL FLUID. And that’s just the music- his voice goes from calm, collected and sharp traditional emceeing into Sade-esque crooning!

Also performing at Friday’s edition of Dance Until The World Ends is Critters- a collaboration between drum-n-bass phenom Dave Owen and Liar Mouth, with a noticeable difference from most other DJs: they both dress in furry costumes.

Also on the bill are Cultural Cannibals’ Kyle Long and G9’s vinyl house-groove DJ NEIGHBZ.

In related unfortunate news, The Metro (the hosting venue for Dance Until The World Ends) will be relocating to a different building on Mass Ave in July. If you’ve never been, it’s recommended to stop in and see the bar in all its glory before the big move. If you can’t make it on Friday, Jackola & the rest of the INHouse DJ crew will be there on June 10th for The Pride Tea Dance.