Daft Punk: Alive (2007)

This last Sunday the Grammy’s put on the pomp and circumstance viewers have come to expect from “Music’s Biggest Night”. I’m going to break character in this entry, and focus on an album that won the best “electronica/dance” category. One of the tracks, “Around The World/Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” won best single in the electronica category.

If you take a look at this, you’ll notice that “Around The World” was released in 1996. “Harder Better Faster Stronger” was in 2001. This proves the Grammy’s are years behind. Thanks to the Grammy’s though, I get to write something about this album, as all the new releases for February 10 are lackluster at best. Thank you Grammy’s.

Alive (2007) is one of my personal top five albums. It is a mash-up album that demonstrates the technical ability of the duo. Personally, it takes me from being a junior in high school with Homework (1996), to a junior in college with Discovery (2001), to my more even keel life Human After All (2005). So while listening to this album, all of the memories associated with these points in time of my life are represented and become mashed-up themselves.

Listening to Alive (2007) is an experience for me, but the same can go for the casual listener. If you’ve never heard Daft Punk before, you shouldn’t start out with this album. In order to truly appreciate what is done here, you should acquaint yourself with their prior releases and listen to each at least once.

There is no one particular stand out track, as all of them kick ass. At any given time, you’re listening to three different tracks from all their albums all at once. The finished 80+ minute product is a fusion of their three albums, and is NOT more of the same. I wish I had taken the time to see them in America when they were here a few years ago.

Listen here…

We’ll see how the releases on the 17th pan out, so we can get back to the business of reviewing the new stuff.

Keep on keepin’ on