Crop Circles w/The Disco Aliens and G-9 Collective come together once again for our monthly extravaganza at Tru, this time bringing you a multi-genre extraterrestrial infested hootenanny surely to shake the walls and attract attention from the Men in Black….proving once again that yes, there IS more than corn in Indiana…..

The Disco Aliens
Love, Space, Music
La Honda/Disco Aliens/JumbieArt
Louisville, Ky

Although they claim to be from outer space, this rogue squadron is actually four raging lunatics from the Midwest bringing you inter-dimensional sounds from the edges of the universe. These maniacs conspired for years before finally joining forces to create speaker-crushing soundscapes with the full intention of causing havoc and mayhem. A sonic battle station composed of turntables, CDJs, 2 mixers, and multiple sound sculptors performing simultaneously is engineered to create this uniquely energetic multi-genre dance floor experience.

You have been warned. The Aliens are coming.

Wes Clay