Crizzly Interview

Prepare to be mauled at The Mousetrap this Thursday night as G-9 Collective celebrates their 3-year anniversary with a rowdy event headlined by special guest Crizzly (aka Chris Marshall). Dominating the crunkstep/dubstep scene with his bass heavy mixes, the modest young musician honored us with an interview that gives further insight into who Crizzly is, and what he’s all about.

Even with Marshall’s rising success, his ‘About’ section on his website purely states, “I like to fuck shit up.” A simple, yet, accurate statement that perfectly describes not only the songs he mixes and produces, but also the impact he and a group of friends are having on the EDM scene in San Antonio, Texas.

“I mostly wrote that because I don’t want to write a lame third person bio,” said Marshall. “I’m not here to stroke my ego, and I still consider myself a work in progress. I’ve only been making music for a short time, and anything before that was just life.”

Marshall started working on his own sound about four to five years ago after playing around with a drum pedal while bored on a cold, winter day. Prior to that, his background playing music was basic experimentation in middle school with the trombone and guitar. Although he did once cover an electronic song with his trombone, and used his guitar to produce his own dubstep riffs, he does not currently implement them into his music.

Over the past years he has advanced his skills to where he is not only mixing, but producing his own music as well. A recent signing with Killpop Records has provided “the biggest stepping stone thus far,” with honored appearances at this year’s Electric Daisy Carnival (where he was in both the Dallas and Las Vegas line-up), added weekend tours around the country, and a recently released collaboration with Kids At The Bar.

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“It’s weird, I was just going through my iTunes and reorganizing my tracks. I noticed how much EDM has evolved since I started playing,” explained Marshall. “The most notable change is production value, and that’s how mine has evolved. I’m still learning something every time I open up Ableton, which might be one of the reasons why I hesitate to release anything official. I still feel like I have so much to learn.”

Not naming anyone in particular, he acknowledges all major dubstep artists as his current inspiration, especially “anyone willing to push the envelope.” In addition, a confessed dislike for most of today’s current music leads Marshall surfing the internet and looking back to greats such as WuTang, whom he recently honored with his song ‘Lifted.’

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Marshall credits the biggest influence on his progression, however, to the series of Daft Punk, and Gorillaz animated music videos on Cartoon Network’s Toonami. He came across them when he was in third grade, and claims no other impact has compared.

“No one around me listened to that kind of music. The culture where I’m from is totally different to what I was turned on by,” said Marshall. “Those videos kinda brainwashed me, in a good way of course.”

This brain washing eventually led him to where he is now with his music, and the impact he is having on San Antonio. Marshall and some of his friends decided it was time for San Antonio to catch up with the EDM scene in other cities so they started Lifted Wednesdays at the Ivy Rooftop, and Play Thursdayzz at Club Rio.

“Lifted is a crazy party that me and my friends started earlier this summer. After being in the San Antonio scene for a while, and traveling from city to city for a sec, I realized there was one big thing missing. The scene has been dead for the last decade, and the most we got is the occasional Tiesto show. What we needed was something consistent that people can be a part of, so I started the weekly in hopes to build something.

After the fourth week we were hitting capacity and the club got named ‘Critics Choice’ in the local newspaper. But now that we’re maxed out, I decided to take up an offer at another place, Club Rio. This place is huge. This is where all the big shows in town come through like Benny Bennasi, Rusko, Above and Beyond, and Skrillex. It feels good being able to say I have a home at one of the nicest, if not the most reputable clubs in the city. In the end the goal I’ve always had is to build the scene.”

And how does he plan on building and maintaining the scene?

“Well consistency is one way. Pretty much the only way. We can’t pop up, throw a show, then disappear for months. We gotta keep pounding the music in their faces from every angle. My crew just launched an HD radio series, as well as a live Ustream broadcast. We used to broadcast every week from a classroom. That was fun while it lasted but too many people started showing up and it was getting a little out of hand. We’re also gonna start passing out mix cd’s of all the DJ’s at Lifted to the general public.”

This weekend brings Marshall up north for a weekend of fun starting with ALTERED THURZDAZE at The Mousetrap, a FREE show in Indy! Then it’s off to Element Nightclub in Evansville Friday night. And finally Skully’s in Columbus, OH will play host to the chaos Saturday night, to round out the short Midwest run.

So what can fans expect when Crizzly takes you local venue?

“Expect a mirage of crunk. If things go right, everyone should be naked 30 minutes in,” said Marshall. “I bring a bottle of crunk to every show. It’s not easy to bring on a plane, but I get away with it.”

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