Crazy musical journeys

Had a great time at Landsharks last night, and was so happy to meet all you Mofos that were there.
I thought today I would write about a style of music that’s coming to Indianapolis slowly but surely. It’s called Timba, and it originated in Cuba. It’s like a mix of funk, hip hop, and salsa. If you’re interested in hearing it, Orquesta Bravo does a lot of it during the second set at El Meson the second Saturday of every month.
Ever notice how life sets you up for success? I went for my undergrad degree to Roosevelt in Chicago, and just as I arrived in Chicago, so did Timba. It had been brewing down in Cuba for a while, but it really hit Chicago around that time, and I was perfectly placed to get into the scene. I was brought in by a friend of mine who played trombone in one of the bands. Timba artists like Isaac Delgado, NG La Banda, and Bamboleo were making regular touring stops in Chicago.
The cool thing was, when I moved to Los Angeles four years later, Timba hit there, and since I already knew the style, I was again placed to hit the ground running and start making money.
Now the style has followed me to Indianapolis. If you’re interested, here are a few videos: Enjoy!

In shameless self promotion news: my band Finer is playing Birdy’s next Wednesday at 9pm. Hope to see some mofos there!