Crappy Beer = Awesome

Attention Landsharks Lovers!

Wild Wednesdays are changing!

That’s right! After 2 years and over 100 events, its time to switch things up a bit! For the better and even more affordable!

Wild Wednesday presents “Crappy Beer Night”


So, here is the deal..

Free cover before 11pm when you say IndyMojo at the door.

$1.50 Cans of Natural Light, Hamms, Keystone Light, Milwaukee’s Best, Miller High Life and Miller High Life Light!

$2 Long Islands (Bud Lights are now $2.75)

$2.50 Random Liquor List (some of this stuff is top shelf) The Knot, Smirnoff, Zwack, Hendrick Gin, North Shore Gin, Pama, Rhythm, Mount Gay Rum, Indiana Vodka, Absolut New Orleans, Absolut Peppar, Tommy Bahama, Belveder lx, Tangueray Ranpur, Canadian Club Classic 12, Absente, Bulleit Bourbon, 42 Below, Jeremiah Weed, JC Cognac, Russell’s Reserve, Parrot Bay, Dumante, Citronge, Root Beer Dekuyper, Red Stagg, Singleton, Hornitos and mt personal favorite Bong Vodka! (There will be a “menu” at the bar)

$3 Mojo Shots

There ya go…Wild Wednesday is more affordable and way more interesting. All the other badass details of our long running party havent changed a bit. Our very own MOJO VIP booth with easy access to the bar and dancefloor, Mojo Text Screen Madness, sweet shout outs from the hot DJ Sunny and some hardcore jean jamming with fellow mofos!

A newbie to Mojo and Wild Wednesday?! Look for the friendly Mofos in the IndyMojo shirts and we’ll be sure to get you a drink and introduce you to all the other crazies out on a Wednesday!

Celebrating your birthday?! Then cash in for your free Landsharks bucket of goodness that’s enough to surely share with a friend or two!

Wednesdays have always been Mojo’s Saturdays at the hottest hump day party in Broad Ripple.

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Come play!

Wild Wednesday presents “Crappy Beer Night”

Find me before 11pm and I will buy you a shot from the $2.50 list!