Get “Clappin'” for Cosby Sweater’s New EP

Cosby Sweater has a new EP and they’re ready to party with you and your dad.

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It’s almost wrong to call the three-piece livetronica band “local” these days, despite their varied beginnings in Indy’s music scene. In just two short years the band has grown from being a coincidental side project to a nationally touring and recognized name.

For such a young band, their list of accomplishments is great; Cosby Sweater has shared the stage with Umphrey’s McGee, Lotus, Deltron 3030, EOTO, Conspirator and performed at a plethora of top national festivals. On July 13th, 2012 they launched their first official release Hey Girl Hey.


On Tuesday April 15th Cosby Sweater will add another notch to their list of achievements with the debut of their new EP Party Dad. All six tracks (clocking in at just over 30 minutes) are infectiously danceable, making it impossible not to groove along with the winding, sensual saxophone melodies and ultra-accessible beats. It’s a fun, albeit short, trip with the trio that seems to end no sooner than it got started.

cosbysweater_aaronlingenfelter_2013-02-17_19Cosby Sweater saxophonist Nick Gerlach explains, “This release is an EP so it is designed to be a little shorter. We have enough music ready for a full length release but we felt that these six tracks would be best for this EP.  We have some other tracks ready for another EP that we may release soon.”

Three new full-length tracks open the album, each delivering loads of nostalgic synths accentuated with perpetually present sax, distant vocal samples, quirky sound effects, and smooth rhythm to keep it all going.

Fans will be surprised (perhaps delighted) to see special re-releases of “Open Mouth Kiss” and “Hole”, each so conspicuously reworked that they’re being included as part of the Party Dad release.

Gerlach commented on the songs’ inclusion, “Those two particular songs are from our first album and were recorded and released very early in the lifespan of the group. I personally feel the updated versions make the tunes sound better and more relevant. While they’re both recognizable, they will still seem fresh to those that have been listening to Cosby Sweater since the beginning.”

Cosby Sweater frequently experiments with mood and tempo changes, shifting from psychedelic space adventures to blissful daydreaming to electric bump-and-grinding- the latter of which is exquisitely showcased in standout track “Clappin (ft. Jfet)”. Streaming below exclusively on, the song channels the group’s innermost trap-inspired tenacity, polished with that special Cosby Sweater flair that simply can’t be duped.

In related news, Cosby Sweater made a bittersweet announcement on the day that recording for Party Dad wrapped. Gerlach again explains, “That was the same day that we announced that [drummer] Sleepy is leaving the group. The juxtaposition of those two events is sort of interesting. It’s the end of one era while also releasing new music and starting a new chapter for the band.”


Gerlach continues, “It will be business as usual in terms of touring and writing new music. We have found a phenomenal new replacement and will be sharing that information with our fans very soon. We will be hitting the festivals hard again this summer and taking every opportunity that is presented to us. One of the highlights of the summer, especially when it comes to our fans in Indianapolis, will be playing at White River supporting Umphrey’s McGee.”

Grab tickets for that show here and BE SURE to pick up tickets for Cosby Sweater’s last official show with Sleepy this Saturday 4/19 at the Party Dad album release.

Cosby Sweater, Shy Guy Says, Freddie Bunz & Friendz

Saturday April 19th, 2014

The Vogue Theatre
6259 N. College Ave.
Indianapolis, IN


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