Cosby Sweater – Exclusive 1st Release

Exclusive 1st Release –  Cosby Sweater


We here at are honored to be hosting the exclusive 1st release of Indy’s newest “Super Duo”.. 

Hip-hop’s marriage to the sax and bright beats never sounded so good. Cosby Sweater makes soul music sparkle, pop and turn a little nasty at times. Hip-hop and electronic music is brought to another world – one that is simultaneously the subsonic frenzy of dubstep and the cheesy soundtrack to a love scene from an 80′s action movie. Cosby Sweater will keep you in fashion with innovative sounds from..

David Embry (DJ Embry-O)

 Nick Gerlach (Sax player of The Twin Cats)

Enjoy…Be sure to comment below and share!

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