I’m drunk. This was my first night ever going out alone and my first time at Landsharks as a Mofo. I kept hoping to see Hup or Beth there so I could say I was there to see someone. As it turned out, I met 3 really sexy people, although none of them were Mofos. I kept sending texts to the screen telling people to come find the girl in polka dots if they loved HotBox Pizza. No one did, though. They would have gotten gift certs, dummies. I’m having long-distance boy troubles and I was sorely tempted to be evil tonight…. I took the corruption test and was the 4th most corrupt person on Indy Mojo, so maybe evil is just second nature to me. Can’t be that evil, though, I’m enough of a dork to be alone in bed writing a Mojo Blog.

Paul, hope you call.
Really cool guy who’s name started with “D”, hope to see you at D’vine tomorrow.
Big John, you are my new best friend and I will think of other great things to ask you for.

Piece out,
Public Relations Princess.