Corpse Manor Mixes Humor with Terror for Spooky Fun

The Indy Mojo spook staff makes a friend at Corpse Manor

After successfully opening their completely re-designed haunt last year, Corpse Manor is back and they’re stronger than ever. The little, east-side building that houses the attraction is the perfect size for elaborate rooms that keep patrons close and intimate with actors. A small wooded area outside is also ideal for a short, dizzying excursion through the trees that’s both hilarious and terrifying all at the same time.

Those who went last year will be glad to see a reappearance of Corpse Manor’s finest props and most memorable characters, but will also be pleased to find many new scenes and updates. The halls and woods of Corpse Manor are filled with professional actors who interact with believable authenticity- an attribute that really sets the quality of their haunt apart from others.


Indy Mojo street team leader Gwen Wilson raves:

Corpse Manor is not for people who can’t handle a great scare! This haunt that has definitely made an impact on the Indy Mojo spook staff as one of the top haunts of the season! I favored the animatronics the most because they were actually scary and pretty intense. Around every corner our hands were clenched with anticipation of what might come next. Corpse Manor is affordable, not too far out of the way, and highly recommended.


Corpse Manor is great fun that’s safe for all ages, assuming they actually enjoy a good-natured scare park. From strangely likeable characters that speak and behave with genuineness to innovative twists on classic themes and scenes- Corpse Manor ranks among my list of top haunts in the city.

Corpse Manor

4700 N. Post Road

Indianapolis, IN 46226

$15 for Corpse Manor and Night Shadows*, $20 for the combo ticket that includes both indoor attractions and Sinister Woods

*Corpse Manor is advertising two indoor attractions (Corpse Manor and Night Shadows) but there is really no distinction between the two and it all feels like one giant haunt. The Indy Mojo spook staff strongly suggests you pay the extra $5 for the combo ticket and go through the outdoor attraction as well; we promise it’s worth your money.