Corpse Manor: A Good Haunt for a First Timer


Corpse Manor’s theme and layout doesn’t change drastically from year to year, but the trained actors encountered throughout the house are highly interactive and provide a unique experience every single time. Spook Staffer Wes Ogden agrees, “The actors at Corpse Manor sold it for me- from their makeup to their voices to their oddly inhuman postures.”

Ogden also appreciated the well-developed theme of Corpse Manor.

wesThe back story to Corpse Manor was a big bonus. They help bring you into the mindset of a true haunt, taking you to a more sinister mental place than you had planned or expected. After gaining admission, we were led to a doorway and met by a ghoulish witch who began to slowly spin us the tale of Lord Henry Calvert and his Corpse Manor. Calvert had purchased the Manor after moving from London to Indianapolis, and unaware to he and his wife, their house was built on an old graveyard. It is said that tombstones from the site were used in building the foundations of the mansion… and so began the story of the Corpse Manor.

After finishing our introduction into the background of ‘The Manor’, we proceeded inside to meet Igor. A slightly more decomposed version of the identically-named character from Young Frankenstein, he laid out the ground rules for our journey and sent us on our way into the mansion.

Once inside, I could see the effort that went into the making of this haunted attraction. The place was showered with creepy lighting and ghoulish monstrosities from floor to ceiling, edging our imaginations onto scarier and scarier suppositions. Inching our way through the multitude of doorways, no one knew what to expect. Each room had a different feel to it; as we went deeper and the scenery grew darker, I could feel the place envelop me as we tried to make it back out.

woodsNight Shadows, the 2nd indoor attraction, abandons the home-like manor theme and opts for traditional styled scares, which allows for more flexibility in the haunt’s design. Outfitted with a totally-new and disorientating feature, Night Shadows is shorter than Corpse Manor but arguably more riveting.

Something felt a bit off at Corpse Manor this year. While the haunt was one of our favorites from 2012, we just didn’t get all that scared this year. When the Spook Staff returned a week after our original visit to hit up the outdoor Sinister Woods (it had been closed due to rain the previous weekend), we hoped to find a fully staffed forest of hillbillies. Instead, we waited in line longer than it took to get through the woods, as only one group was sent through at a time.

Indy Mojo Spook Staffer Morgan Brooke also left Corpse Manor feeling somewhat unsatisfied:

morganAfter experiencing two amazing haunts on Friday night (Piney Acres Haunted Corn Maze and Scarevania), this haunt didn’t quite meet my expectations. After waiting for quite a while, our group was finally let through. On one hand, the woods were decorated very creatively and definitely gave off a spooky vibe; the actors were very much on cue to frighten the living day lights out of us. Imagine being the prey of one decrepit butcher family and that’s what Sinister Woods feels like. We were definitely scared… but then all of a sudden it was over. The amount of time we waited, to only be in the woods for a few short minutes kind of ruined it for me. Corpse Manor has a really small area to work with, and with that in mind, I think they did a great job setting up the haunted area. If you’re scared to try haunted houses this year, this one is a good one to start out with and ease into. It’s pretty scary, but you’re in and out before you know it.


Corpse Manor

4700 N. Post Road

Indianapolis, IN 46226

(just south of Pendleton Pike on Post Road in the Post Road Recreation Center)

Corpse Manor and Night Shadows tickets: $15.00

Combo ticket (includes Corpse Manor, Night Shadows, and Sinister Woods): $20.00

Vip Pass Upgrade (avoid the lines; almost immediate access): $8.00

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