Cornmeal Returns!

So, what would happen if you comprised a show of Chicago’s most notable bluegrass jam band with Indianapolis’ favorite face-melting funk crew and then threw in one of the rockinest folk rock bands in the Midwest? Well, my friends, why not hit up the Vogue in Broad Ripple this Friday and find out?

Cornmeal will be rolling through town to offer up some foot-stompin’ jams with Indy’s own Twin Cats & Waldemere Revival rounding out a stellar line-up. Although all the bands are pretty progressive in their sounds, some folks might think it strange to pair up a predominantly bluegrass band and roots-y folk band with funk, but I happen to think IndyMojo is on to something with this one!

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Twin Cats
courtesy of Adam Alexander Photography

Waldemere Revival
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When I recently asked the Twin Cats crew how they felt about a show that encompasses so many different types of music, drummer Adam Catron immediately threw out “It’s awesome…I love it!” Nick Gerlach, the Twin Cat’s saxophonist, declared, “It’s like a festival!” Bassist Cameron Reel went on to explain, “That is not just bluegrass. They have a banjo player; that is really all that makes it bluegrass. They are completely different. We get a lot of that, too; that we are not just a jam band. That’s two bands on the same bill that can’t be pigeon-holed.” The recent addition of Waldemere Revival adds yet another band that doesn’t fit into a certain genre. TWR has been taking the jam scene by storm in the last year with their unique sound and heart-pounding shows.

Catron went on to add, “All three bands are upbeat, ya know?” Reel offers up, “It will be a high energy show,” before Catron finishes. “I think all of us will be there to party and give all those people a good show.”

This will certainly be one of the more interesting shows to catch this spring. Even with all three bands have had shows in the Midwest recently, they haven’t been paired up quite like this. Be sure to stop by the Vogue this Friday, April 15th and see for yourself what happens!

In the meantime, check out some videos of all three bands to get you ready for the get down!

For full details, check out the event page-> IndyMojo presents.. Cornmeal & The Twin Cats @ The Vogue.

To learn more about each band, check out their Facebook pages and/or websites!
Cornmeal: Facebook/website
Twin Cats: Facebook/website
Waldemere Revival: Facebook/website

Hope to see you this Friday at the Vogue!

Until then, stay safe and enjoy the sunshine!

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