I have been thinking lately after I have experienced several different events in my life. I am extremely curious why good people conform to the ways of specific society norms even though they are not considered ethical. What has happened to society these days or maybe I have been ignorant and blind to see. I hate how the world revolves around money and the majority of the time ignores the customers. We as the people have the power to stop this or step up and comment, yet we don’t…WE CONFORM because we have to make a paycheck and we have to pay bills and we want to buy things that we like. I believe the real enjoyment is life and the small things it offers that are often unappreciated. Society likes to focus on nice cars, big TV’s and how much money we bring home. What happened to caring for our family and our health. We all to often take the “easy” way out, without thinking about the consequences. We choose based on society norms instead of thoroughly thinking about the issue. What happened to being humble? All to often people act cocky to pretend they are confident because this is what society teaches us. We are taught to act, instead of learning by experiencing the trials and tribulations of growth. We are not actors and actresses, we are humans! We are taught to create a good excuse such as I wanted to do it this way, as an explanation that showcases our individuality. This is not being a unique individual, but conforming once again. I often seem to find myself surrounded by clones. So, as a final question, can we just be honest to ourselves and to those around us?