Confessions of the Jealous Girlfriend (who is NOT me)

I often wonder if it’s possible to have a completely platonic relationship with a guy…at least in my own personal life. It seems that everytime I think I have met a guy who I click with but don’t want to be involved, he ends up wanting a relationship…strange. I know. In any case, I have ONE guy friend who I am extremely close with who has restored my faith in the fact that it IS possible to have a completely platonic relationship with a member of the opposite sex: my roommate. My roommate, however, has this girl. I absolutely refuse to call her his girlfriend because he doesn’t treat her that way. He does what he wants when he wants, hooks up randomly with other girls, and just plain disrespects her on some levels (this I blame on HER–she allows it). This girl–let’s call her KIM just for fun–is insanely and unreasonably jealous of me. She absolutely envies my relationship with my roomie. Why? Not a clue. Whatever her crazy reasoning, she thinks that we are somehow involved–sexually–to which I say “EEEWWW!!!” Don’t feel bad for him though, because I’m pretty sure he thinks the same about me.
ANYWAY, quite a few months back, KIM disrespected me completely and embarassed me in front of a bunch of people that I barely knew. Which sucked. I was new in the city and just feeling overwhelmed in general, and I didn’t know her or why she was being so disrespectful to me.
SO, when my roommate and I decided to get a place together, I set some very clear guidelines as to the conditions I would get a place with him. There was ONE condition: KIM was not to step foot in our apartment. He agreed whole-heartedly and said that he’d really like to get rid of her anyway. “GREAT. FINE. Do what you will, I just don’t want someone in my home who disrespected me that way and made no effort to make ammends.” That’s what I told him.
A couple weeks later, of course, the CD skips…the song changes, and here I am at 1 in the morning having a conversation with this lunatic (KIM)about why she’s not allowed in my home-which is also my roomie’s home. After a lot of yelling (on her part), and a whole lot of explanation on mine, she apologized (seemingly ingenuinely), and I accepted–under ONE condition: she was NEVER to bring up suspicions that I was somehow involved with my roommate to him or me or anyone that we know.
Life was peachy until just last weekend when he called her while we were at a haunted house event (for those of you who know me, this is the day the infamous beam comes into play) when he called and asked her if she was coming to help. She asked if I was there, to which he replied, “Um, yeah…of course.” She then proceeded to question the fact that we were spending so much time together that weekend, and he explained (which she knew) that I was leaving for the MILITARY in a couple weeks, and so he wanted to spend some time with me before I left. Not only that, she was welcome to come to the haunted house. Conversation ensued…the last comment before she hung up on him was “Okay, I will go ahead and make out with her then…Talk to you later.”
At this point I decided she was no longer welcome in my home, as she completely and obviously violated the terms of our agreement. It was simple. My roommate and I are not involved. Don’t be suspicious. Don’t make anymore accusations. Period. So they apparently “broke up,” if you can call it that. And she blames me. He blames me. I blame them both. They’re idiots. He’s stupid for being involved with a psychotic jealous bitch, and she is stupid for chasing after a man-whore who can’t keep it in his pants.
Don’t get me wrong, I love my roommate…but some guys just can’t do relationships…you know? And honestly, I don’t feel bad at all. I feel like I was open with both of them, and they both agreed to the expectations set forth. I put this out there in cyberspace I guess more because I’m wondering if I SHOULD feel bad…