I have this ‘bad’ habit of complimenting people on just about anything. Be they friends, loved ones or simply strangers doesn’t matter, I will say something mostly w/o even thinking about it first. Sometimes this gets me in trouble, sometimes I get a Thank You but mostly it just gets me a nod or some other slight acknowlegement and an inside smile to myself for making someone else smile for a moment.

If I see someone wearing a particularly lovely frock,
I will comment on how it looks on them.
If I think you look good in a bright yellow coloured shirt,
or a dark blue one,
or a deep red one,
or a plaid one,
or one blacker than night
or even a striped number
(no matter which direction the stripes are heading)

I will tell you w/o batting an eye.

If I think the tan you are sporting makes your eyes sparkle more, or it brings out the highlights in your hair, sorry but it comes out of my mouth to your ears.
If I think you are rather dashing in the glasses you are wearing
or the way your hair is cut
or if the hat you are wearing looks smashing-
you are going to hear about it from me.

If I think your dress is pretty,
or your earrings are fantastic or your necklace is lovely
or if your shoes look fine,
or that your smile today is particularly dazzling
If I think you look yummier than a seven pound bone in rump roast for just one moment in time-

I speak up and tell you.

I do this with EVERYONE not just YOU so please don’t take it personally or be offended or think I am stalking your behind or that I am some sort of Freak or that I even WANT your happy ass in any way shape or form.

I don’t… I just want to say how something about you at the moment caught my eye and I want you to know I appreciate it even tho it was in NO way intended from you to be directed at me for the purpose of ‘impressing me’ in the first place.

I just speak up about what I like and if I find you fetching in whatever garb or accessory you happen to be wearing (including a smile) I am GOING TO TELL YOU ABOUT IT.

I told a woman I worked with once that her hair was lovely in that shade, and it was. She wore it that way for 3 years until she met someone who didnt like blondes.


I often wondered if he even really liked HER b/C personally I can’t imagine changing my hair colour for another persons tastes but it was NOT my life, it was hers.

Once my friend Roy (the ER doc) was griping to me about how he was having to wear his glasses more and more and he felt they made him appear & feel much older. NOT wiser just OLDER and he was upset about it.

I just looked at him sitting there next to me @ lunch and said,

“Roy, you know I love you dearly and would never lie to you so here goes. Personally, I find you don’t look older one bit in your glasses, in fact I think they make you appear more intelligent (if that was possible) and I dunno.. I think you look pretty damned dashing in them too.”

He never bitched about them again, and wore them every frikkin’ day after that w/o thinking about it. He was my friend, was I supposed to just agree with him that they were a detriment when they weren’t for they DID make him rather dashing?

Why lie?

So those of you (male or female) who happen to be subject to my open mouth policy on my take on HOW YOU LOOK…

I should apologise but I won’t b/c I think people should hand out sincere & heartfelt compliments on a regular basis.
To those of you I just want to say-

Just deal with it, every one else does and if I haven’t learned in 47 years to STFU-
Please don’t expect me to do so or to learn how to be tactful now.
I am not going to.
I even greatly suspect, it may get worse as I get older.
I am going to vocally comment my opinion to you.

I know other people like to hear positive things about themselves and I also know I am not hurting you or crossing any boundaries by stating such things and frankly…

it is entirely up to YOU how to take them.

If you are my friend then you should bloody well know me enough to realise I am sincere in my observation and I am simply saying..

HEY, you look nice today.

If I don’t know you from Adam, I am still saying..

HEY, you look nice today.

In return, you dont have to respond or even acknowledge I had spoken in your direction w/o permission if you so choose but actually,

I don’t mind a Thank You or simply a smile.

Both of those are just fine and dandy responses. :)


Please Note however,

I don’t handle compliments to self very well, never have.
Doesn’t mean I dont want to hear them, it is just that they make me uncomfy and suspicious.

Yes, I AM weird. lol