Comedy, Sun, and Fun

So, this weekend Swell and I attended Nick Swardson at the Murat. It was halourise! I posted some audio in the forums a couple days ago and it is also posted on this blog. He started talking about broadripple it was halourise. He was very cool because it was mostly funny stories about his. He was very unique and I loved it. After the show I met up and hung out with some friends at the local bar across the street from my house! <3 it, can totally walk there even though it’s a halourise hick bar. So, sunday I got to see my best friend who I havn’t see in about a month or so. She has just recently gone blonde to, very hot!.. Anywaise we just went to one of her friends house to drink. Then we started playing a Scrubs drinking game! LOVED IT! if you know me you know how much i love scrub! Plus drinkin, totally my thing haha. Anywaise sunday was my totally chill day because I had to be at work today at 4:30am. But, i had tons of fun at work today. I had the 2 hours of training required each week and the girl today was totally awesome. It was a pretty easy in-service = not alot of laps and alot of fun! I’m excited for next weekend though because I’m going to Kings Island friday and doing this little 5k walk on the cannal for Ronald McDonald foundation then I get to spend the rest of the day downtown and I get paid friday!!! YAY FOR SHOPPING!! but, you’ll ready all about that next weekend! Hope you all had a great weekend too!