Come Take A Dip: Baths At The Vogue



Baths is flooding The Vogue Theatre this Thursday May, 8. He will be bringing a curious style of indie-electronica that encapsulates both the danceable and the introspective. Teetering between trance inducing pulsations and melancholy electronic squeaks, Baths’ sound is something indie and electronic fans alike can relish.

Ocean Death, his newest EP, picks up where his most recent release, Obsidian, ended. Currently on tour with Young Fathers, Will Wiesenfeld aka Baths, will be hitting The Vogue only two days after the drop date for Ocean Death.

For those unfamiliar with the California native, his moniker stemmed from his love of taking baths. Over the past four years, he has racked up some quite interesting experiences. From releasing the upbeat, Cerulean- widely lauded as one of 2010’s best albums- to battling a debilitating bout of E. Coli to exploring his sexuality, Will has accomplished much in his recent years. In the wake of 2013’s superb Obsidian, Will has delved deeper into a similar environment with Ocean Death.

Despite his somber lyrics, Will’s onstage persona is charasmatic and seemingly affable. We’re happy to announce that he was kind enough to share some insight and laughs with us at IndyMojo:

Baths' Obsidian

Baths’ Obsidian

MOJO: Your newest EP Ocean Death is dropping in a few days, what can you reveal about your release?

WW: Not much other than the fact that it’s a companion piece to Obsidian. I didn’t want to over think the process, but the material remains pretty dark.

MOJO: What has been the driving factor in the exploration of your sound over these past four years?

WW: Probably men’s butts. Or something (laughs). I’ve been far more open with my sexuality and it’s made writing lyrics and music a whole lot more freeing.

Baths aka Will WiesenfeldMOJO: What’s it like being an electronic artist at this point in time? What sort of preconceived notions do you encounter?

WW: I’m not sure! I don’t have anything to compare it to. It’s been great over the past four years.

MOJO: Who have you been listening to during this 4 month stretch of tour dates?

WW: A lot of playlists, and a podcast called Uhh Yeah Dude, of which I’ve heard every one of their 400+ episodes.

Baths North American Tour

Baths North American Tour















Thursday May 8th

The Vogue Theatre

Doors Open 8:00 PM