Come play DJ Hero with me and bowl! I miss you!

So, guys. I’m sorry I’ve been away for a little while, but clinical depression is a serious pain. Cheer me on and send me love, because I’ve needed it these days. I haven’t said much lately, because if I can’t refrain from being a downer, I don’t want to say anything at all.

Anyway! I have awesome news! I’ve been writing for lately (stay tuned for my next column Monday, August 9!), and I’m also doing their marketing, event coordinating assistance, PR, etc. Here’s the skinny. We’ve got the VIP lounge at Pinhead’s in Fishers, on July 31, for FREE DJ HERO AND BOWLING ACTION.

If you’ve got shoes, you can come to the VIP lounge and bowl free, first come, first served. If you don’t have shoes, you’ll have to rent ‘em. And if you’re good at DJ Hero, you can come SHOW OFF. If you’re not, well, I’ll be making a fool of myself too, so it won’t just be you.

I’d LOVE to see my friends from Mojo-land around and catch back up. The action starts at 6 p.m.

Here’s an RSVP link if you’re into that whole Facebook-thing:


It’s really been a rough few months, guys. I really hope I’m back for real this time. Thanks for your lovin’ support.