College Student = Broke

Before now, I’ve never realized how easy I’ve had it with money. I’m not saying I have a big amount. It’s the complete opposite. I’m just very careful about how I spend it. I work all summer and save up as much money as I can, with occasional spending on myself. That way I know I have enough for books, last minute stuff I need for school, gas money, car problems (like how I had to have my brakes fixed), etc.

But now all of a sudden it’t hitting me hard on how I need a ton of money. And I honestly don’t know what to do and how to handle it.

I need a new laptop. The screen on mine is going out. It kinda flickers, makes a noise when it does that now, and sometimes will just go blank. It gets hot too easy, which I know it just needs a new battery, but I don’t want to waste money on a battery for a computer that won’t work much longer anyway. Went to best buy, computers start out at like $300. But I’d want to get a decent one to last me through grad school. So probably more around $600-700.
The computer I’m hoping will last until Christmas. My grandma said she would help me get another if I needed it, but I feel bad asking. She is my hero.

I need a new phone now. Two pieces chipped off near the hinge so the top half of my phone keeps almost falling off. I went to AT&T. How its messed up isn’t covered under warranty. And I’m not due for an upgrade til like March of next year. My phone won’t last that long. And the cheapest phones start out at like $250.
The phone is what I need the most. I could probably spend the 250, I just would not have money for a while for all my other expenses. Like the dang cell phone bill that I’ll have to pay for even if I can’t use the dang phone. Funny how that works.

I need to buy another text book for class. I’m going to guess it’t going to be at least $50 to $80. Somewhere in that price range since I’m buying it online.

I would put that on my credit card which I still owe $200. Gaining interest as we speak.

I still owe my school $988 for this semester. Until then, my account is frozen. Blocked. Whatever you wanna call it. Gaining interest as well.

I would ask my parents for help, but I’m pretty sure I have more money than them. No joke.

Another loan? Is that the answer?
Wait it out?
Beg for money?
Sell all my possessions in a garage sale?