I haven’t really talked much about my coaching experience at Manual HS, so I figured I would give mojo an update. After deciding to take the job because no one wanted to help coach these “thugs”, I quickly realized that my minor in psychology and my career as a personal trainer would come in handy a great deal. I had to be able to instill some discipline and hard work all while inspiring these kids and handing out responsibility. After earning the defensive backs trust I had to try to get them out of their norm and test them mentally as well as physically. It has worked well so far. In 6 games the defensive backs have generated 12 interceptions and only getting better and gaining confidence. As a team overall we have some struggles starting 0-4, but winning our last two games. I have expanded my role over the last two weeks in working with the defense as a whole and coaching the QBs and helping the WRs. Watch out, because here come the Redskins!