Circle City Socialites Fishnets of Fury Roller Derby Bout!

Last night, our own Indianapolis Circle City Socialites won their bout against the Quad City Rollers from Moline, IL! It was an exciting home roller derby bout at The Forum at Fishers Rink on 126th St and our ladies absolutely pulverized the other team winning by about 100 points over them. Ouch!

For those who do not know the rules of roller derby, it is basically a race between two girls on opposing teams, each is being helped by another four girls on her team and also being hindered by the four on the opposing team. The bout is made up of a series of “jams” which can last up to two minutes each during which the jammer on each team tries to get through the pack first in order to earn the right to be able to call the bout off and stop the other team from earning points. Points are earned by passing members on the opposing team after the jammer has passed everyone in the pack once.

From the final score, it’s easy to see the Socialites were feeling high energy last night! The main jammers were Roll-R-Damage, Fly, Anya Booty, and Robin Sock’Em and each did a phenomenal job! Anya Booty has a steadiness and control when she skates that makes her almost impossible to knock over or bump out of bounds and Fly, a former speed skater definitely lived up to her reputation in the second half. Not having been to an official roller derby bout before, I was so impressed with our girls!

The other ladies on the team played as blockers which obviously try to stop the other team’s jammer in any way possible that doesn’t get them a foul. The blockers are led by one player called a pivot who sets the pace for the team. Again, all did a great job: Beattie Sedgwick, Cruel Whip, Faye Stunaway, Ionic Bondage, Lady Miss Bier, Megan Enemies, Nova Blaze, Splatty Hearst, Spleana Rupture, and what might be my favorite name, Uzi Q. As you can see, unique and fatal-sounding names are key to intimidation and intrigue for roller derby.

On Quad City Rollers, there were some feisty girls who would not let being behind in the score dampen their spirits and were always ready to fire back with crazy fouling, banshee yelling, booty shaking, and fast skating! In particular, Lady Gotcha was INSANE! This girl, I mean LADY was a fast jammer and equally effective as a blocker. The only problem was she kept getting fouls like none other leading to many sits in the penalty box or losses as lead jammer, both situations seriously hurt the ability to score. Sugar ‘N Splice was another very good jammer and blocker and won Best Jammer from the CCS after the game.

Roller Derby is a REAL sport and there were a few injuries that made all the girls have to stop and take a knee so the resident medic affectionately named Bambi Lance could check them out. Luckily Faye Stunaway and Sugar ‘N Splice recovered quickly and got back in the game.

If you’ve never been to a Roller Derby bout before, you HAVE to check this out. It’s exciting and the suicide seats (sitting in the rink a few feet from their track, likely to get hit if a girl takes a spill nearby) are AWESOME being up close to the action! This is my new favorite sport.

The next home bout, “The Summer of Shove” will be June 12th against the Lafayette Brawlin’ Dolls featuring a half-time performance by The Odyssey Favor. Tickets are $10 in advance from one of the girls or $12 at the door. If you are interested in joining up, there is a women’s team and a men’s team with a Derby Skills Workshop on May 15th. Go to the website for details. (I will be there!)

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