Circle City Socialites Dominate Battle Broads!

BOUT RECAP: Derby Girls Dominate Battle Broads in second home bout

By Malice Munro

Photos by Junior

At their second home bout of the 2011 season, the Circle City Derby Girls’ Socialites trounced the Springfield RollerGirls’ Battle Broads, 317-27. This was the Socialites’ second matchup with the Battle Broads, Springfield’s B-team. When they met in Springfield last year, the Broads took home the victory, so the Socialites’ commanding success came as a something of a surprise to both leagues and their fans.

Though there were some nerve-wracking moments early on in the bout—Springfield’s Mary Lou Wretched did some excellent blocking on CCDG jammer Vivi Section, and Socialite blocker Cruel Whip took a scary spill in the third jam—the Socialites’ defensive play kept Springfield for most of the first half. Socialite jammers Roll-R-Damage, Liberty Spykes and Vivi Section rocketed the score into triple digits before the first quarter elapsed. Mary Lou Wretched won lead jammer status against Liberty Spykes in the tenth jam of the night, managing to put the first point on the board for the Battle Broads, though Liberty managed to score some points in that jam as well, taking the score to 131-1 in favor of the Socialites. CCDG jammer Shock Hop was sent to the box in two consecutive jams, allowing Mary Lou Wretched and Miss Kitty Rosenkill to eke out seven more points for Springfield. Unfortunately, it was too little, too late, and the victor of this bout was clear to most well before halftime, which saw 176-8 on the scoreboard in favor of CCDG.

In the second half, the Socialites took advantage of their commanding lead, using nontraditional jammers, unusual strategies and crowd-thrilling derby stunts. Power blockers Salacious T, Lady Miss Bier, Spleana Rupture and Trouble Helix all enjoyed the jammer spotlight during this half, each contributing their own points to the scoreboard. In the first jam, Roll-R-Damage pulled Liberty Spykes through her legs in a move known as “the jammer baby.” Later, Kimmie S’More offered Beattie Sedgwick two leg whips in one jam, causing the crowd to erupt with applause. Two star passes and an assist called the “waitress” were also performed during this half.

Springfield jammers Mary Lou Wretched, Miss Kitty Rosenkill and the Fabulous Flash were able to achieve lead jammer status and put points on the board during the second half, but the Socialites walked away with a tremendous victory. Cruel Whip, in her final Circle City bout before her transfer to the Windy City Rollers, scored 16 points in the final jam against the Fabulous Flash, as announcer Mr. Macabre made an inspiring speech looking back on her many contributions to the league. Jammer Mary Lou Wretched and tenacious blocker Milla Tyme were awarded visiting MVP titles by Circle City.

While this bout was far from a nail-biter, the Circle City Derby Girls see the outcome of this bout as a testament to how far they have come as a league in the past year. The 2011 season continues for the new WFTDA Apprentices when they travel to Louisville, Ky., to take on WFTDA members the Derby City Roller Girls on May 21st.

Farewell to Cruel Whip who is moving on now to Windy City’s team in Chicago!