Circle City Party Crashers' Narrow Defeat against Lake City

BOUT RECAP: Party Crashers Suffer Narrow Defeat Against Lake City

By Vivi Section
Pictures by Damage Control

The Circle City Derby Girls’ Party Crashers lost to the Lake City Roller Dolls (Warsaw, Ind.) in nail-biting bout that had fans on their feet duringthe final, game-deciding jam at the Forum in Fishers, Ind. The lead flip-flopped throughout the June 4 match—which was characterized by fierce blocking and tenacious jamming on both sides—but the Roller Dolls prevailed in the final minutes, winning 102-94.

The bout was contentious from the opening jam, which pitted Party Crashers jammer Fly against the Roller Dolls’ MVP jammer, The Adkins Riot. Both skaters snagged penalties during their initial passes, resulting in a full two-minute jam in which each nabbed 8 points for her team. The scores inched up until the fourth jam when CCDG jammer Strawberry Smackquiri went to the penalty box, followed by three of her blockers. Lake City took advantage of a power jam situation to score 15 points, bringing the score to 27-10 in favor of Warsaw. Four jams later, the Party Crashers seized their own power jam opportunity when LCRD jammer Roxy Runaway and MVP blocker Carmin Slamdiego went to the box, and Wrecker Becker took 15 points for Circle City, bringing a tie within reach at 35-32.

As the half progressed, the lead went back and forth. With about eight minutes left, Wrecker managed to score 2 points to LCRD jammer Spiteful’s 1, even though Spiteful had lead. Cassie Chaos was able to add 3 unanswered points in the next jam, thanks to stellar positional blocking by Bunnie Low-Browski, giving CCDG a 10-point lead.However, during four out of the five remaining jams in the half, the Party Crashers were unable to score despite great waterfalling by blockers Barb Dwyer, Strawberry Smackquiri, Megan Enemies and Dread Pirate Roberta. Circle City was down 53-52 at the buzzer.

In the first jam of the second period, Fly grabbed a point and called the jam with the gazelle-legged Adkins Riot hot on her tail, tying the score again.The teams traded points until the sixth jam, when LCRD jammer Roxy Runaway went to the box for a major track cut and CCDG scored 15 unanswered points, bringing the score to 74-61 in their favor. Again, both teams inched up their scores despite strong defensive play. Midway through the second period, both teams’ jammers’ got stuck behind ferocious four-person walls of opposing blockers for nearly two minutes. Cassie Chaos got taken out by a solid hit from Lake City blocker Miso Special just moments before Warsaw jammer Roxy Runaway finally fought her way through and got lead with one second left in the jam.

The contentious battle continued until the final moments of the game. With fewer than two minutes left and the Party Crashers ahead, LCRD jammer Spiteful managed to bring the score within spitting distance of Circle City as jammer Cassie Chaos—who began the jam with one minor penalty and picked up two subsequent minors for back blocking—got a minor track cut as the whistle blew. With seconds left and the Party Crashers ahead, 94-93, Cassie went to the box and Lake City called a strategic time out to ensure another jam.

Fans rose to their feet to watch the final moments of the game, in which top-scoring Lake City jammer The Adkins Riot gained lead after a no-pack start and scored 9 points to overcome Circle City, 102-94. The Party Crashers hope to beat against the Dire Skates of Richmond, Ind., on June 11th at the Forum in Fishers.

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