Circle City Derby Girls win BIG at Royal Pain!

Indymojo is sponsoring roller derby this year for the Circle City Derby Girls! We have two teams: the Socialites and our new team, the Party Crashers. Our bouts take place at The Forum at Fishers on 126th st. Check out our bout schedule and we hope to see you at WILD WILD MIDWEST on May 7th, tickets on sale NOW!

Check out these bout recaps for Royal Pain that took place on April 9th!

Party Crashers Vex Vixens for their Second Victory of the Season

By Malice Munro

Photos by Junior

The Circle City Party Crashers kicked off the Circle City Derby Girls’ home season opener with a strong win over the Lansing Derby Vixens (Lansing, Mich.), 154-119. It was the newly-formed B-team’s third win of four bouts they’ve played this year and the second win of two during their official season.

Both teams fielded excellent jammers in the first jam: CCDG’s Defiance and Lansing’s Mullicious Intent ended up being the primary scorers for their respective teams, and the first jam was a close fight. Neither achieved lead jammer status and CCDG eked out a lead of 7-5.

Lansing managed to grab lead jammer status about half the time, but with CCDG’s tough defense and smart jamming, they were able to pull away quickly. Robin Sock’em, Cassie Khaos and Jackie Bauer added points in the following jams. Mullicious Intent continued to demonstrate her prowess as a jammer, but found herself in penalty trouble in the fourth jam of the night, and strong walls from CCDG’s blockers kept Lansing’s score at 12, while CCDG’s four-jammer pool widened the lead to 46-16 by the middle of the first half. Lansing jammer Rock of Shove was also sent to the box with ten minutes left in the half, allowing Defiance and Robin to add more points. Robin Sock’em rounded the century mark with a minute left in the period, making the score a neat 100-50 at the half.

Does this girl look familiar? (Hint: she hands out your movie passes)

Lansing finally seemed to adjust to CCDG’s signature strategic play about five minutes in to the second half, with jammers Audrey Floorburn, Rock of Shove, Katom Bomb, Emma Nockuout and even MVP blocker Ali Always achieving lead jammer status for an impressive mid-period streak. Unfortunately for Lansing, the adjustment was too little, too late. Though the Vixens cleaned up their play and their score increased steadily throughout the second half, they weren’t able to curb CCDG’s excellent defensive play. After a strong power jam where Lansing jammer Emma Nockuout picked up a grand slam while CCDG jammer Polly Dent sat in the box, the final whistle blew, declaring a 154-119 victory for the Party Crashers.

The Party Crashers hope to continue their winning streak in their next bout. They’ll host the Dire Skates of Richmond, Ind., on June 11 at the Forum in Fishers, Ind.

Socialites Score Big Win Against Southern Illinois in Home Opener

By Malice Munro

Photos by Junior

The Circle City Socialites remain undefeated this season, pulling out a tremendous win over WFTDA Apprentice league the Southern Illinois Rollergirls (Marion, Ill.), 181-55.

The bout started out as a nail-biter. After the Socialites’ jammer Roll-R-Damage set up a 1-0 lead in the first jam, Liberty Spykes and SIRG jammer Arcane Sugar tied it up at 3-3. Five minutes into the period, SIRG took a three-point lead, when jammer Eveready emerged from the pack before Liberty. By the time Liberty escaped, obtained lead jammer status and called off the jam, the score was 10-7 in favor of Southern Illinois.

Top-scoring CCDG jammer Vivi Section, CCDG’s tight walls and strategic play quickly squelched that trend. Vivi achieved lead jammer status and scored an easy, breezy 19 points while blockers Faye Stunaway and Salacious T repeatedly knocked SIRG jammer Jack E. RIPHer out of bounds, forcing her to the back of the pack. SIRG’s next jammer out, Ninja Hurtle, was sent to the penalty box, allowing the Socialites’ Liberty Spykes and Shock Hop to rack up the points to 45 while SIRG was kept to 10. Throughout the rest of the period, both teams’ scores grew steadily, but Southern Illinois was never able to capture the lead or close the 35-point gap. At the half, the score was 90-34 in favor of the Socialites.

CCDG impressed the crowd—and SIRG—by not getting cocky during halftime: the Socialites’ jammers fought to the finish and achieved lead jammer status in the first six jams of the second period. CCDG scored points in each of these jams, while SIRG’s skaters found themselves stuck once again, this time at 34 points. During the second jam of the half, Liberty Spykes had rounded 100 points. By the time SIRG’s Krush Groove once again became lead jammer Roll-R-Damage was sent to the box, the score of 125-37 was nearly insurmountable for the visiting team.

SIRG clearly had grown tired of being pushed around, and they called for three timeouts in the second half of the period, plus an official timeout. The girls from Southern Illinois seemed to rally somewhat after these breaks, and first-time jammers Bubbles La Rue and Splatter both achieved lead jammer status for SIRG, along with Krush Groove. With six minutes left in the half, however, Spleana Rupture demonstrated some beautiful blocking, allowing Liberty to rack up even more points for CCDG.

SIRG called a timeout with twenty seconds left in the half, allowing for one more jam, despite the 101-point differential between the teams. Southern Illinois fielded Margaret Bleed in her first and last jam of the night, and she was sent to the box. Star blocker and birthday girl Trouble Helix took advantage of the opportunity by donning the jammer star and scoring over twenty points in a final power jam. When the final whistle blew, the score was 181-55.

The resounding win was CCDG’s A-team’s second in a row over a WFTDA Apprentice league after beating Toledo’s Glass City Rollers last month. The Socialites’ next bout is against the Springfield Rollergirls Battle Broads on May 7 at the Forum in Fishers, Ind. They hope to remain undefeated.

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