Circle City Derby Girls Start 2011 Season with a Victory!

The girls in green donned their new white jerseys for the first time in Toledo, Ohio on February 26th, when they took on the Glass City Rollers in their first bout of the season. Circle City’s A-team, the Socialites, squared off against this WFTDA apprentice team, emerging with a 157-42 win.

The bout started out with the promise of a close game as each team put up two points in jams one and two. Then CCDG jammer Vivi Section put up a quick 9 points in the third jam while her pack’s defense, led by pivot Nova Blaze, shut down Glass City’s jammer. CCDG held Glass City scoreless for four straight jams and only gave up 18 points in the first period, thanks to stellar blocking from Cruel Whip, Ionic Bondage, and Bambi Lance.

Circle City’s star jammer for the first period was, without a doubt, number 2D6, Roll-R-Damage, who put up an impressive 47 of the 70 points scored by CCDG in the first period (including two 15-point jams). Vivi Section contributed 17 more points, and the wily Liberty Spykes added 6 points despite nursing a recent ankle injury.

The second period saw more of the same high-scoring action on the Circle City side, as Liberty Spykes found her game and outscored her fellow jammers with 35 points, 21 of which were scored in a single jam. The stalwart blocker Shock Hop also donned the star and somehow made a 20-point jam look easy.

This last period also saw more great blocking from the CCDG crew, including the much anticipated match-up between CCDG blocker Kimmie S’more and Glass City’s Gim’me Moore. The Circle City girls dominated GCR in their ability to switch effectively between offense and defense. Blockers Faye Stunaway and Trouble Helix terrorized Glass City’s jammers, while one-woman-wall Beattie Sedgwick held the line every time Glass City’s blockers attempted an offensive play.

Refs called noticeably more penalties in the second period than the first, resulting in several power jams. Glass City countered a strong front wall from CCDG with a strategic splitting of the pack during a power jam in Glass City’s favor. Circle City quickly adjusted, however, and held the opposing jammer off until theirs could return to the floor. CCDG also showed their own mastery of the power jam by bringing the pack to a halt in the bout’s 34th jam of the night, allowing Liberty Spykes the opportunity to score her 21-point jam, the highest of the evening.

The final score showed a huge victory for Circle City, who won with a score of 157 over Glass City’s 42.

The Circle City Derby Girls’ Socialites will once again square off against the Glass City Rollers this season, this time at home, on June 11. That double-header at the Forum at Fishers will also include a bout between CCDG’s B-team, the Party Crashers, and the Dire Skates of Richmond, Indiana. Grudge match!